Golf News for Wednesday, September 25, 2013 | Technology

Science & Motion Sports congratulates sixth place finisher at Tour Championship

Science & Motion Sports today congratulated the 6th place finisher of The Tour Championship. The US Open Champion of 2013 is a SAM PuttLab owner.

Science & Motion Sports (SAM) said, "We're very proud to be a part of the success on the PGA tour of many players. Looking at the results of this past weekend shows the importance of putting in the game. From the 6th place up each player higher in finish had fewer putts per GIR than the next with only the exception of the winner and second place finisher.

The 6th place finisher installed his new SAM PuttLab in early January and appears to have put it to very good use. SAM PuttLab is a perfect addition to the outstanding training offered by his putting coach in NC but having his own SAM allows this winner to train at home or on the road during events."

SAM added, "We feel the SAM PuttLab is the first technology that should be considered for any training program. SAM PuttLab is completely portable and can be used both indoors and out. From putting analysis, to putt training, as well as putter fitting SAM PuttLab helps golf training programs to reach their highest levels. We've proven SAM PuttLab generates results. From winning major championships to training everyday amateur golfers SAM PuttLab is the "reference" in putting analysis, putt training, putter selection and putter fitting."

To learn more about Science & Motion Sports go to where you may view SAM PuttLab locations, certified instructors and details regarding the features that make SAM PuttLab the reference in putting analysis putt training and putter fitting.

Complete packages are available including on-site training for new SAM PuttLab users. Let us help you to choose the right SAM PuttLab for your program needs.
Together with international PGA Tour Professionals the scientists of Science & Motion have developed SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab for golfers of all handicaps.

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