Golf News for Friday, September 20, 2013 | Equipment

Fourteen Golf congratulates Chad Collins on Tour result

IRVINE, Calif. -- Fourteen Golf, a global leader in the development of golf equipment design, announced today that company spokesman and professional staffer Chad Collins played four "Hot List" award winning Fourteen Golf RM-12 Wedges at the Tour Nationwide Children's Championship and secured a tie for seventh place.

According to Fourteen Golf COO Marcy Kamoda, "It is a real pleasure to see Chad playing so well! This is his fourth Top-10 of the season. We congratulate him on this solid finish as well as his successful 2013 Tour season."

Collins played four Fourteen Golf Wedges including a 48-degree, 50-degree, 56-degree and 60-degree at the Tour Nationwide Children's Championship. The highly engineered RM-12 Wedges provided him with consistency, optimal speed, and variety which allowed him to attack the OSU Golf Course greens.

"The Fourteen Golf RM-12 Wedges allow me to have the confidence to execute any shot from any lie. Along with conforming grooves that produce more than enough spin at just the right times. I rely on my Fourteen Golf wedges during every condition out on tour," said Chad Collins.

Collins shot a 69, 72, 68, and 71 for a 4-under par which tied him with several other Professionals for seventh place including a fellow Fourteen Golf supporter who also played four RM-12 Wedges but in different lofts.

"The Nationwide Children' Hospital Championship experienced some inclement weather which made the greens soggy and damp. The RM-12 Wedge maintains its spin in these conditions which gave Chad a real advantage," added Kamoda.

The tour inspired, high performance RM-12 Wedge features expanded grooves that impart exceptional spin and rotational speed. These uniquely shaped trapezoidal grooves have been enlarged by 15% as compared to other Fourteen Golf wedges. This increase in overall groove volume enhances spin retention particularly on partial shots. In addition, these high quality grooves perform well in both dry and wet conditions.

Fourteen Golf is a burgeoning golf equipment company that takes great pride in its tour program. In addition to the vast number of professional golfers playing Fourteen Golf equipment, the company has a professional Fourteen Golf staff team which includes PGA Professionals John Mallinger, Arjun Atwal, Ryuji Imada and Chad Collins. Images and Bios of these players can be furnished upon request or seen at the company website

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