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Erin Wilder named president of Florida Turfgrass Association

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Erin Wilder, a lifetime student and advocate of the turfgrass industry is now leading one of its top organizations. On September 11, Wilder became the 55th president of the Florida Turfgrass Association. The association promotes leadership within the industry, does research on turfgrass related issues, creates legislative power and provides business and networking opportunities in the agricultural field. She is third female to hold the post in the association's 61-year history.

"I look forward to having Erin take the reigns of the FTGA," said immediate past president Mac Briley. "Having a president that is so connected to all segments of the turf industry is exciting. Erin's energy and zeal for turf will make this a great year for the FTGA."

Wilder was born with turfgrass "roots" hailing from a sixth-generation sod farming family in North Florida. She managed her family's Boyd Sod Farm and then left the farm to join turfgrass research and marketing company Sod Solutions in 2006. She currently serves as Sod Solutions' director of marketing and industry relations. Erin gives professional talks to various organizations and associations educating others on the benefits and proper maintenance of turfgrass.

SMR Farms president Mac Carraway, a former FTGA president, believes that Wilder will bring fresh ideas to the organization while keeping an eye on the past.

"I am very excited about Erin's upcoming role as president of the FTGA," said Carraway. "She has been an excellent board member and leader since her first day on the job. She represents a new generation of the turfgrass industry who also holds great respect for the work of those who built the industry into what it is today. Erin's depth of technical and marketing knowledge, along with her positive, enthusiastic and fearless approach to business will be a huge resource for the FTGA and its members."

Wilder will serve a one-year term and then move into the role of past president for one more year.

About Sod Solutions
Sod Solutions, Inc. is an international turfgrass research and development company incorporated in the early 90s. The company's primary research facility and headquarters is located near Charleston, S.C. Sod Solutions has developed and worked with universities and breeders to release NorthBridge™ Bermudagrass, Latitude 36™ Bermudagrass, Palmetto® St. Augustine, Celebration® Bermudagrass, EMPIRE Turf ®, Sapphire® St. Augustine, Captiva® St. Augustine, Bella™ Bluegrass, Discovery™ Bermudagrass, Santee™ Centipede, Covington™ Centipede, Geo™ Zoysia, Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass®, HGT - Healthy Grass Technology®, and Sunday™ Ultra-dwarf Bermudagrass. For more information, visit or call 843.849.1288.

About the Florida Turfgrass Association
The Florida Turfgrass Association was founded in 1952 and is dedicated to education, research, and the promotion of environmentally responsible and scientifically based management practices for the turfgrass industry. Florida ranks #1 in the Nation for turfgrass related economic activity with total revenues estimated at $7.82-billion and a total employment of more than 173,000 jobs. Today, the FTGA continues to advocate for and promote the turfgrass industry with extensive research, continuing education and opportunities for turfgrass professionals to network with their colleagues.

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