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Tradition Sourcing releases 2014 line and new "Tradition" label

Tradition Sourcing, provider of premium private label golf apparel and accessories to some of the most recognized golf courses and PGA Tour events in the United States, announced this week the release of its 2014 line, offering a complete collection of classic high performance apparel.

Available at finer clubs, resorts and PGA Tour events throughout the U.S., the collection incorporates a broad range of newly developed fabrics, created specifically for today's active golfer while maintaining Tradition Sourcing's classic styling and designs that are foundational to its brand. These new materials provide enhanced levels of functionality for golf, business and travel and leisure activities.

"When presenting the idea to a club or tournament to create their own brand, we pledge industry innovation, quality, performance, value and service, which has driven our company from day one," stated Steven Spencer, co-founder and Director of Product Development of Tradition Sourcing. "Tradition's 2014 collection is driven by our timeless designs coupled with our leading technology of apparel fabrications. Our aim is to create functional, classic pieces that can be worn from one activity to the next."

New for 2014 is the Tradition label. Created with the same quality, attention to detail and performance as the private label collection, the Tradition collection is targeted for those clubs which may not be ready to advance to a private label. "Developing a unique private label is an incredible opportunity for a club because it gives them the ability to create something really special that is exclusively available from their club, while simultaneously maximizing their margin opportunity. We understand that creating a unique brand is a little more involved; therefore, if a club isn't ready for a private label, but still wants to take advantage of our quality, service and price points, we want to give them that opportunity through our own Tradition label," added Spencer. "The Tradition collection comes with our own main label, hang tag explaining our company's philosophy and custom poly bag with our new Tradition logo. We are very excited about the prospects of the Tradition line and feel it will be well received by our customers, their members and guests."

With focusing on classic designs, Tradition's new collection includes newly created striped patterns coupled with vibrant colors. "We will always maintain a base of staple colors, but will consistently add 'fashion' colors to keep the overall offerings fresh," added Spencer.

In addition, the 2014 performance shirts feature the perfect blend of materials, maintaining a garment that is lightweight, with a nice hand and will perform and hold up very well through washing and wear. "We spent a lot of time researching different fabrications to make sure we are completely satisfied with the hand and weight of the fabrics in addition to how they perform," stated Spencer. "Our new Performance ΒΌ zip pullover is an ideal blend of complementing materials, enabling us to create a piece that is the perfect combination of layering warmth, yet is still lightweight. It is the ultimate player's piece with superior levels of quality and year-round versatility."

"Our 2014 collection delivers the perfect mix of classic designs married with a timeless, fashionable elegance inspired by a functional, refined lifestyle that allows any golfer to start the day at the office and finish it on the golf course with ease and comfort," added Spencer. "Early indications are that our customers are thrilled with this new collection-one that is fresh and aesthetically pleasing."

The 2014 collection, as well as the new Tradition collection, is available for pre-order with deliveries by February, 2014.

About Tradition Sourcing
Founded in 2009, Tradition Sourcing provides premium private label golf apparel and accessories to fine golf courses, resorts and PGA Tour events. Driven by advanced product development with a focus on the ever-evolving technology of apparel fabrication, Tradition Sourcing is dedicated to creating classic designs that golf courses carry as year round staples in their golf shops. With a firm belief that a private label collection should be unique to each customer, Tradition Sourcing fully customizes labels, hang tags and packaging utilizing multiple materials and layouts to deliver a truly exclusive presentation and product. In addition to its critically acclaimed private label apparel and accessories lines, Tradition Sourcing has recently created its own "Tradition" label that will be available to golf courses in 2014. Both lines stay true to the company's roots and values, providing timeless, classic products, unsurpassed quality and unparalleled customer service. More information can be found at or by calling 866-929-5557

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