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Red Mat Media reports advertisers experiencing high visibility

MILFORD, Conn. -- Red Mat Media, makers of the leading mobile golf application, Who's Your Caddy (WYC), is pleased to share that advertisers are experiencing high visibility within the app.

Advertisers like Bionic, Bridgestone Golf, Budget Golf, County Materials, Custom Golf Chips, Kesier University College of Golf, Syntek Global, Arnold Palmer Kingdom Magazine and more are seeing impressive numbers associated with ad views and click-through rates on their ads. Advertisers are getting their shares of almost 25,000,000 ad views to date.

Keiser College of Golf and Syntek are raving about more than 2,500,000 page views! Bridgestone Golf has experienced more than 1,600,000 views during their advertising term. Both Arnold Palmer Kingdom Magazine and Custom Golf Chips each rank at more than 1,200,000 page views. Bionic Gloves has seen an aggregate of close to 1,200,000 page views. A special short-term campaign implemented for The One Fund Boston that helped drive donations for bombing victims saw strong support with more than 200,000 views.

Sponsors have amazing endorsements for the WYC mobile marketing platform. "We are pleased to partner with the leading mobile golf app, Who's Your Caddy. It's a 'perfect fit' and we see a great deal of synergy between the products for golfers all over the world," says Cheryl Fink, Director Marketing, Bionic Gloves.

Kesier University College of Golf staff see high value in their sponsorship with WYC. "Our sponsorship of the Who's Your Caddy app has increased our brand awareness within a highly targeted golfing audience, and we're very pleased with our results," says John McMurry, campus vice president of Keiser University College of Golf & Sport Management. "By embracing new technologies and innovative applications, we can better introduce the educational opportunities that prepare individuals for a fun and exciting career in golf."

Another sponsor who just recently signed with WYC is Ship Sticks. "Ship Sticks is a company of golfers, for golfers. We had experienced firsthand the hassles involved with transporting clubs. So we got together with the idea of solving that problem-­and we did. We are pleased to partner with the leading mobile golf app, Who's Your Caddy. It's a great fit and we see enormous synergy between the products for golfers all over the world," says Paul Crespo, Ship Sticks.

The Who's Your Caddy app is unique in that it offers helpful hints by hole by course that will help you improve all areas of your game on any given particular course. During play, golfers have access to 'course insider' information provided by club pros. Included are important tips such as recommending a lay up shot on a waterhole, tips on playing out of a bunker or the break of a green.

Some of the other key features and benefits of the Who's Your Caddy app include caddy tips by hole by course; video library with tips for play from the pros; notifications through which golfers can easily learn about course events and/or redeem special offers from local retailers called "Gimmes"; stat tracking; score keeping; and an enhanced GPS system-the best part is this all is packaged in an attractive, intuitive application for free. WYC has content for almost 19,000 US golf courses and is available on iTunes and Android Smartphones.

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Golf's most complete mobile app is free to courses and players. Golfers win Gimmes (free gifts from neighborhood businesses) by using Who's Your Caddy app. Participating courses earn revenue through Who's Your Caddy's unique advertising program by making their players aware of the app. Caddy-like advice is provided for each hole via a short video in which the golf professional offers simple inside instruction. Enjoy scorecards, enhanced GPS, weather and much more. For information: Link directly by visiting or by texting Who's Your Caddy to 88588. Like their Facebook Page at

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