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Executive Women's Golf Association awards Women on Par scholarships

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- The EWGA (Executive Women's Golf Association) Foundation recognizes the importance of education regardless of age. As the creators of a scholarship program known as Women On ParĀ®, the Foundation provides financial support to women thirty years of age and older who are interested in beginning or completing their undergraduate education to get "on par" with their peers and advance themselves both professionally and personally.

The program was established in 2008 as an outreach program from the EWGA, the national association of current and aspiring professional business women who share a passion for golf. To date, eight women have received scholarships, in six different states. This year the EWGA Foundation chose two outstanding women from a pool of almost 200 applicants from across the country.

Jacqueline Ruddy received a $1,000.00 scholarship to continue her studies in Psychology at The University of California-Irvine and Phuong Nguyen received a $500.00 scholarship to be used towards her education at The University of Utah where she is studying Special Education with an emphasis in Visual Impairment. Both women have remarkable stories of perseverance and strength.

Jacqueline Ruddy is a mother of four children and a Breast Cancer Survivor. Three weeks following her enrollment at Orange Coast College, she was diagnosed with stage two Breast Cancer. Under her doctor's recommendation, Ruddy opted for a mastectomy followed shortly thereafter by chemotherapy treatments. Carrying fourteen units, she went through four rounds of chemo and several emergency hospital visits while remaining on the Dean's List. Now, two years cancer free, Jacqueline currently attends The University of California-Irvine, majoring in Psychology. Her educational goal is to pursue a Master's Degree and to offer counseling and advocacy to women in need.

"I am incredibly blessed to receive this EWGA Foundation Scholarship," said Jacqueline. "For a woman in my shoes raising two boys on my own, while dealing with poverty, higher education at times feels out of reach. Because of the scholarship, I am that much closer to reaching my dreams of giving my boys a better life. I am grateful and honored to be chosen. I will honor the scholarship by fully applying myself to my studies and being a successful student."

Just like Jacqueline Ruddy, Phuong Nguyen is serving her community by acting as a voice for those who share similar experiences.

Phuong Nguyen is of Vietnamese decent. While in Viet Nam, Nguyen contracted measles, causing total blindness. Determined for a better life, she came to the Americas in 1994, not knowing any English. Her unique circumstances pushed Phuong to use academics in an effort to benefit her and other individuals with disabilities. Currently attending The University of Utah, Phuong is studying Special Education with an emphasis in Visual Impairment. She has become an advocate for the blind and disabled and for those who are learning ESL (English as a second language).

"I'm extremely happy to receive this scholarship," said Phuong. "It means that someone else has understood my story. Not only does this scholarship support me financially, but it provides mental support as well. This will help me in sharing my story and helping others with visual impairments."

Both of these women have similar missions. It is to help and serve other individuals through their experiences and educational backgrounds as a stepping-stone for change.

About the EWGA Foundation
The EWGA Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization formed and supported by the EWGA, a golf organization for current and aspiring business and professional women. The Foundation's mission is to create and fund education and leadership programs for women of all ages. It addition to its efforts to endow the Women On ParĀ® Scholarship Program , other fundraising initiatives include the development of a golf education curriculum, the funding of nationally recognized speakers to provide leadership training at EWGA's annual conference and other such events to empower women and enrich their lives.

About the EWGA
As the largest women-focused amateur golf association in the United States with chapters in nearly every U.S. major market and corporate center, the EWGA has connected more than 100,000 working and professional women who share a passion for cultivating relationships and enjoying the game of golf. Offering a wide range of affordable organized golf activities and educational programs, this award-winning association has been driving social and networking opportunities
for women through the game of golf since 1991. With EWGA Chapters located in
more than 120 cities throughout the United States as well as in international locations including Bermuda, Canada, Italy and South Africa, EWGA members are active participants in hundreds of communities. EWGA is a tax-exempt 501 (c) 6 membership association. For more information about the EWGA visit

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