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Swingbyte 2 mobile swing analyzer earning widespread acclaim

CHICAGO -- Swingbyte 2, the latest version of golf's most trusted mobile swing analyzer, is receiving widespread acclaim among media, equipment reviewers and PGA Professionals.

Kane Cochran, in a review for GolfWRX, said: "Swingbyte is the complete package. New swing analyzers seem to be popping up on the market every month, but I've yet to test one that even comes close to providing the same level of detail, accuracy and user experience that Swingbyte provides."

Cochran went on to praise Swingbyte's "beautifully designed hardware and intuitive mobile applications, accurate and robust swing data, 360-degree swing path views, video capture and attentive customer support." Cochran gave Swingbyte 2 a highest-possible rating of five stars.

Swingbyte's new 2.0 app, which enables simultaneous, side-by-side and synchronized coordination of video with Swingbyte data, is "hands down, the class of the field," according to Matt Saternus of "It is the most feature-rich and the easiest to use. There is never a time in using the app that you have to think, 'How do I make it do something?'"

Brad Redding, a PGA Master Professional and director of instruction at The Golf Academy at The Members Club at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, S.C., is one of several top instructors who regularly use Swingbyte in their lessons. "The new app makes Swingbyte a must have on any instructor's lesson tee," Redding said. "It gives students a perfect way to make their training sessions all about attaining and retaining better club control."

Writing for Golf Channel's Equipment Insider, Jason Crook said, 'It's now possible for everyone to have a personal golf coach in the palm of their hand."

In addition to the new app, a redesigned lightweight sensor makes it easy for golfers to attach and align Swingbyte 2 on any club, from driver to putter.

Wired magazine said Swingbyte's "updated design grips the shaft like a barnacle."

The new Swingbyte 2.0 app update is now available for iPad users. A new user interface, including in-app video for Android tablets, will be announced later this year.

Swingbyte weighs less than one ounce and attaches to any club just below the grip. As the club contacts a ball, the wireless sensor transmits a 3-D digital version of the swing to the Swingbyte app. Digitized and video recorded images of the swing - along with measurements of club head speed, swing plane, face angle, loft and lie angles and tempo - can be viewed on smartphones and tablets during practice sessions and archived in the cloud for future reference.

Swingbyte 2 can be ordered through the company's website,, and is also available at select AT&T Stores, Golfsmith, Golf Town and Golf Galaxy locations. Swingbyte's price of $149 includes the Swingbyte sensor, the free Swingbyte app and an online account at, which includes additional analytics, community rankings and personal trends.

About Swingbyte
Swingbyte is a patent-pending 3D golf swing analyzer that helps golfers improve their golf swings faster, whether they are working by themselves or with an instructor. Swingbyte captures key metrics from a golf swing and wirelessly transmits the information and an interactive visual representation of the swing to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. For more information, including a video that shows how Swingbyte works, please visit, email or call 877-293-2549.

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