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All-American Gateway Tour partners with Dakotakid Productions

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- As part of its efforts to grow and promote the All-American Gateway Tour (AAGT) and its players, the tour has partnered with Dakotakid Productions to develop and market a documentary about developmental golf.

The documentary, which currently has a working title of "Golf Wars," is meant to show the trials and tribulations of golfers trying to achieve their dream of playing on the PGA Tour. It will also follow the developmental golf industry and the efforts of AAGT to become the premier developmental golf tour in the country.

"When you ask most people to describe the game of golf, you don't usually hear words like battle or war," said Holly Dean, Director of Marketing and Communications for AAGT. "But the truth is golf isn't always a gentleman's game. Golf Wars is intended to tell the stories of the players who are in a battle to make their dreams a reality."

Playing on the developmental tour circuit is not an easy way to make a living. The vast majority of the players live a life full of countless practice hours, cheap hotels, and a relentless travel schedule. While golf is one of the rare professional sports where you can actually pursue and eventually obtain the goal of playing on the PGA Tour, most never survive the battle and win the war.

Every player on this journey has a different story with unique challenges on their path. The goal of Golf Wars is to capture their activities both on and off the golf course while also highlighting their successes and failures. Through the partnership with Dakotakid Productions, AAGT plans to tell the stories of its players.

"Our players are a special breed of soldier," said Dean. "They pay not just their own money but their blood, sweat, and tears as well for the privilege to fight in battle every day. There are thousands of players around the world and every one has a different story, a different motivation, a different strategy for success."

However, the story doesn't just begin and end with the players. Golf Wars is a unique, behind the scenes glimpse into the developmental golf system itself. There are more than 29 million golfers in the United States and golf represents one of the fastest growing participation sports in the world. Unfortunately, the developmental golf system has not kept up with this rapid growth, thus leaving it teetering on the edge of collapse. Golf Wars shows the battle among the players, with each other as well as themselves, while also showing the battle within the system.

"When the idea of this documentary was presented to me, I was intrigued by the idea of telling the parallel stories of the players and the system itself," said Josh Duhamel, actor, golf enthusiast and president of Dakotakid Productions. "Our goal with Golf Wars is to show the abilities and inabilities of AAGT tour players to persevere under great pressure...on and off the golf course."

Work on the Golf Wars documentary is already underway and being led by Duhamel and Dakotakid Production's Consulting Producer, Jude Weng, who has been instrumental in a number of popular shows. A casting call has just been released to find golfers who want to tell their story:

Will you do just about ANYTHING to become a professional golfer? Are you fighting to make it on the developmental tour and do you have SOMETHING TO SAY about it? Are you DIFFERENT from the competition? Does the fun begin when YOU step onto the course? If you have a big personality and aren't afraid to tell it like it is, email with the following information:


1. What makes you different from all the other golfers out there?

2. What kind of sacrifices have you made - or are you willing to make - to pursue your golf career?

3. List five words that best describe your personality:

4. Why are you willing to let us document you on camera?

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