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Putting Stick helping students at Hazeltine National Golf Club

Like many other teaching professionals, Chris Baisch of Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, MN has found that using the Putting Stick® as a training aid has helped his students. "Anytime I am working with a student on putting, we will spend time using the Putting Stick®," he said.

"The Putting Stick® gets them to realize their faults and gives them instant feedback on whether or not they are doing it correctly," Baisch indicated. "It helps them to get the putter square at impact and to make an accelerated stroke," he added, pointing out how the ball will roll off the stick to the left if the face is closed and off to the right if it is open, especially if the stroke is too short.

Baisch really likes the new pro model where the mirror is inserted into the training aid instead of being attached at the far end. "This makes it more convenient to carry around with you in your bag," he added. "The mirror helps ensure their eyes are over the ball."

One of the other advantages to practicing with the Putting Stick®, according to Baisch, is that students can be more aggressive with their putts, knowing that they can make those three and four-footers coming back.

Baisch noted that one of his members purchased the training aid four days prior to a big tournament since he was struggling with his putting. "He quickly realized it had a lot to do with his setup," Baisch explained. Using the Putting Stick® 10 minutes a night prior to the event and overnight during the 36-hole tournament, the player won the prestigious event. "He felt much more comfortable with his setup, which freed him up to think more about making a good roll on the ball," Baisch said. "With the Putting Stick®, it forces you to make a good roll. If you don't, it won't stay on the stick!"

About the Putting Stick®
The Putting Stick®, manufactured and distributed by TPK Golf of Waconia, MN, looks like a ruler and is 46 inches long, coming with a leveling bubble to ensure that the surface is flat. There is an adjustable bar on the back end that helps golfers take the proper length of backswing. The stick can easily be connected to a base with a mirror attached, which allows golfers to ensure that their eyes are aligned correctly. If the putter face is not square at impact, the ball will roll off the stick before reaching the end. Balls going off to the right will indicate an open face and balls going off to the left a closed face. It can be used indoors or on the putting green. A new pro version model features a mirror built into the training aid, making it even more portable. In addition, the far-end of the stick is now beveled to allow a more consistent roll on the green as the ball leaves the training aid and the leveler can now also show up and down along with side to side.

About TPK Golf
TPK offers quality leather products made in the US for golfers. Owner Vlad Gribovsky is also the agent for artist Bud Chapman and the Infamous 18 Holes of Golf and the patent holder and manufacturer of the Putting Stick®. For more information, call 800-433-4653 or 952 442-2173 or visit

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