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e-par Group helps New South Wales GCSA win Claude Crockford Award

ALBANY, N.Y. -- The New South Wales Golf Course Superintendents Association (NSWGCSA) was this year's winner of the prestigious "Claude Crockford Award" for environmental excellence at the recent National Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association Conference held in Queensland. The NSWGCSA was recognized for the development and roll-out of a new "Environmental Minimum Standard for Golf" that was developed with the aid of The e-par Group (e-par).

The NSWGCSA engaged e-par to develop a robust protocol to help its member superintendents to commence their environmental compliance and best practice journey. Modelled on the award-winning e-par Environmental Management System (EMS), the new Environmental Minimum Standard for Golf contains many of the e-par system's documented procedures and policies together with e-par's online Environment Induction Video. It also includes an online tool to allow Superintendents to complete an Annual Environmental Return summarizing their environmental performance.

"We congratulate the NSWGCSA on winning this award and are happy for the opportunity to work collaboratively with them and their members on this ground-breaking project," says Terry Muir, Managing Director of The e-par Group. "The Environmental Minimum Standard we've designed provides a modern approach for a Golf Course Superintendent to take steps to ensure environmental compliance and best practice. Partnering with organizations and Superintendents that truly embrace environmental sustainability, as we have, is why we are in business."

This new Environmental Minimum Standard for Golf has the potential to serve as a model elsewhere as well. "I think in time, what's been done in Australia will be replicated in other areas around the world, perhaps even here in the US," says Kevin A. Fletcher, Ph.D., President & CEO of e-par USA, Inc. "Golf owners and operators, and the host of well-trained professionals who manage golf landscapes directly, understand that public expectations are always changing. They understand that environmental sustainability is a goal that's here to stay, and that a credible environmental management program, like this one, is in the best long-term interest of the business."

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About The e-par Group and e-par USA, Inc.
E-par ( was founded by Terry Muir in 2002 in response to the biggest pollution incident in the golf industry's history in Australia. E-par provides environmental management consulting, training, and support for a wide range of industries. This includes the delivery of the award-winning ISO 14001-compliant e-par Environmental Management System (EMS) for Golf currently in use in over two-dozen countries and endorsed by the Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association ( Today, The e-par Group is comprised of an international team of twelve environmental management and safety experts with over 1,200 clients across 28 countries.

In 2012, e-par USA, Inc. was formed by Muir and Dr. Kevin A. Fletcher, and the e-par EMS for Golf was launched in the United States. Along with EMS development, e-par USA also provides education, services, and training to assist golf facilities, sports facilities, parks & recreation operations, and municipalities with environmental management and sustainable business solutions. For more information, contact e-par USA at, by phone at (855)372-7872, or visit

About the NSWGCSA
The New South Wales Golf Course Superintendents Association (NSWGCSA) is a fraternal conglomerate of Professional Turf Managers, their assistants and a wide range of other turf related specialists who have a direct connection with the Golf Course Industry. The Association began back in the 1930's when regular gatherings took place between early Greenkeepers to discuss and exchange methods and strategies in search of the higher standards of presentation for their fine turf areas. The NSWGCSA has grown considerably from those early days, but the objectives have remained the same.

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