Golf News for Monday, August 19, 2013 | Equipment

Website makeover revealed for new Quantum Roller Golf Putter

PHOENIX -- Quantum Golf Company recently released its new technology Quantum Roller Golf Putter and now has completed the total make-over of their website The new website is informative and easy to navigate.

Duane Engdahl, CEO at Quantum said, "We have a lot of solid content to convey and it is easy to get geeky, but we tried to resist that; instead we tried to remain interesting and informative without becoming slick or flashy or overly technical. We organized our content so that it is easy for the reader to seek content of interest and ignore/postpone other content. Our goal was to create a website that reads like a non-fiction book on an interesting subject, and I think we achieved that goal with chapters on Product, Company, Technology, Awards, Comparisons, and Fitting."

The Product chapter is a picture gallery which gives the golfer thirty reasons why the new Quantum Roller Golf Putter should be in his bag. The Company chapter introduces us to our prospective clients and provides details on our policy/privacy/contact. The Technology chapter covers a huge topic by dividing it up into Grip, Shaft, Head Technology; and then further dividing Head Technology into its four important aspects, that of Holding Line, Preserving Touch, Perfecting Launch, and Aiding Alignment. The Awards chapter lists the honors already received by this new golf putter, these being sure-indicators that this new golf putter is indeed the best golf putter now on the market. The Comparison chapter systematically compares the features and benefits of the new Quantum Roller to three other golf putters currently available: 1) the most popular putter, 2) the most prestigious putter, and 3) the cheapest putter. The final chapter before purchase is on the subject of custom Fitting.

A custom made Quantum Roller Golf Putter can be purchased directly from the Quantum Website at the regular price of $195, but a $50 discount offered when a referral code is provided with the order. That brings the merchandise price down to $145. When the flat rate $100 custom fitting/assembly service charge is added, that brings the total price for a custom made Quantum Roller to US$245.

That is a good price for a custom made new technology high performance golf putter that will become your golf putter for life.

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