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Bag Boy's four-wheel Quad push cart enjoys strong market growth

RICHMOND, Va. -- As golfers become more health conscious, more are hitting the fairways on foot instead of in a motorized golf cart. The push cart market is experiencing a steady increase in sales and Bag Boy's sales numbers have led this trend, especially with its four-wheeled Quad push cart.

For the past three years, Bag Boy's push cart business has seen a steady annual increase in sales volume with the popular four-wheeled Quad and three-wheel TriSwivel leading the way. In the first six month of this year, Bag Boy's push cart business is up 27 percent and new account distribution is up 18 percent. Since the Quad's introduction in 2011, it has received many accolades including a Gold Medal on the Golf Digest Hot List. This year, the Quad expanded its offerings by adding three new vibrant colors - pink, lime green and orange, and initial sell through has also been strong.

"Bag Boy's cart business continues to surprise me," said Chris House, Buyer, Golf and Ski Warehouse. "Bag Boy has officially become our best-selling cart. The Quad business has doubled in May and June compared to last year and the other Bag Boy cart models are also showing an increase or on par with last year."

The Quad is constructed with a lightweight frame and built on a reinforced four-wheel platform that provides increased stability especially on hilly terrain and wet conditions. The Quad comes fully loaded with an array of golfer-friendly features such as a stand and cart bag compatible upper bag bracket, handle mounted parking brake, oversized storage bag, quick grab beverage holder and unlimited handle adjustments that accommodate golfers of all heights. The cart has a simple two-step folding process to compact to 24 x 17 x 16 inches, making it easy to handle and transport. The suggested retail for the Quad is $219.95.

"Bag Boy's Quad and the rest of its push cart family have been the runaway best-sellers in our Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop," said Ken Morton, Jr. vice president of retail, Haggin Oaks. "Their lightweight frames, great value pricing, ease-of-use and vendor customer service all are just a handful of the reasons why they are so successful in our store."

About Bag Boy
Founded in 1946, Bag Boy has become one of the most respected brands in golf by building a reputation for unmatched quality, unbelievable durability and unsurpassed innovation and design. Bag Boy designs, manufactures and distributes a full line of innovative golf bags, push carts, travel covers and accessories designed for a golfer's on-course convenience and comfort. Dynamic Brands is the parent company of Bag Boy and is located in Richmond, Va. Also in the Dynamic Brands portfolio are Burton®, Datrek®, Devant® and Sir Christopher Hatton®.

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