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ezLocator system helps superintendents better control pin locations

RICHARDSON, Texas -- The Jimmie Austin Golf Course in Norman, OK, home of the University of Oklahoma golf teams, became the first public golf course to buy into new technology that allows superintendents more control of pin locations by using the ezLocator system.

Superintendent Eddie Roach notes that using the software program, created by Jon Schultz of Richardson, TX, certainty made hosting the NCAA women's regional tournament in May and the United States Women's Public Links on June a lot easier, allowing him to isolate and protect certain areas in advance where the NCAA and the USGA wanted to place pins.

Roach also feels that using ezLocator is great for a course like his with heavy traffic of 25,000 to 30,000 rounds a year. "I can also isolate areas that are struggling or just need a break from consistent traffic," he added. "This will help the overall health of the turf in those specific areas."

The significant costs associated with the start up had previously limited its use to higher end private clubs, but Roach believes the benefits greatly outweigh the costs and feels other resort and public facilities need to jump on the bandwagon.

Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, PA host of the 2013 United States Open, is among the 150 courses using the software program, which starts with a 3-D digital scan of all the greens to identify all the possible locations, taking into consideration for slope and speed of the greens.

Matt Shaffer, director of operations at Merion, noted that his staff discovered a lot more locations than they thought. "It's user-friendly. We trust it, and it won't work if you don't have that comfort level. We can control so much more now. Everyone loves it. The caddies have all the information they need, so it's an advantage. So it expedites play. And we can record all the info in our permanent records, which is incredibly valuable."

About ezLocator
ezLocator specializes in merging the best technology with best management practices for healthy greens, this provides golfers with an exceptional experience as well as agronomists and superintendents with a simplified system to manage their greens. ezLocator is a sustainable solution that utilizes the entire putting surface of the green to increase and optimize pin locations. This allows golf courses to offer a new course every day for a tournament like experience for their members.

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