Golf News for Thursday, August 1, 2013 | Marketing

Golfersskin sunscreen announces new live online dealer locator

BEND, Ore. -- Due to overwhelming demand - Golfersskin sunscreen has now launched a live dealer locater on their website

Golfersskin CEO Ben Steward comments "We were receiving huge call traffic asking where customers could purchase the Golfersskin line of products and we've had overwhelming support from a large number of retail locations. It naturally made sense for us to support our network of retailers by directing traffic to them." He continued "We're seeing Golfersskin make the switch to be a more consumer driven product as our 'story' trickles down from the PGA Tour. It continues to be an exciting time for company growth."

The company is in the planning phases for an extensive advertising and marketing program launching in 2014 - creating awareness around sun protection in golf.

Steward continues "We're expecting our network of retail support to grow significantly with both awareness and consumer demand in 2014. This is a fantastic platform from which we can truly support them in return."

About Golfersskin Sunscreen:
Golfersskin Sunscreen: the ultra-performance sunscreen range from New Zealand specifically developed for golfers.

Golfersskin offers total UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection from the elements. No matter how much you sweat, its non-greasy formula won't run into your eyes, and most importantly will not interfere with your grip. Golfersskin leaves you free to focus on what really matters. When you're out on the course, Golfersskin has you covered.
Paraben free, paba free, and nanoparticle free Golfersskin powerfully nourishes your skin with moisturizing Aloe Vera and world-renowned UMF 18 Manuka Honey. Unique to New Zealand and touted for its remarkable anti-bacterial and antioxidant benefits, Manuka Honey fights free radicals and assists the body's ability to hydrate while soothing and improving your skin.

The team at Golfersskin is dedicated to ensuring that people have access to quality skin protection when out in full view of the sun's harmful rays. Backed by a team of serious international athletes, Golfersskin is driven to educate this generation about the dangers of unprotected sun exposure, and how better to safeguard yourself, your mates, and your family for life. Golfersskin helps to keep your "Skin Alive". Visit for more information.

Golfersskin is a proud supporter of Sun SafeTee, the leader in providing sun protection education and skin cancer awareness programs specifically for the golf community. Visit for more information.

Ben Steward. 1 (800) 977 3440