Golf News for Monday, July 29, 2013 | Products

New FitGolf Performance Centers program aims to lure in clients

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. -- FitGolf Performance Centers, The Golf Fitness Experts™ have launched a new program designed to help golf fitness trainers get clients in the door. The new program is designed for professionals and coaches in the golf fitness industry whom are looking to grow their overall golf fitness business. FitGolf Performance Centers will help fill the need in this area by emailing out general and specific weekly golf fitness business tips.

"We have been working with many golf fitness trainers in the area of different ways to grow their business," says Fran Rosario, VP of Franchise Development for FitGolf Performance Centers. He continued, "Each person has a unique situation with their own business, but the overall goal has been to get more clients in the door. So sending out a different tip each week will hopefully have an effect for everyone's business."

Because of its position as a leader in the golf fitness industry, FitGolf Performance Centers has a large body of unique information on how to grow a golf fitness business. This is the information that will be sent out through these weekly tips.

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FitGolf Performance Centers programs are offered in 31 locations. The company is dedicated to helping golfers from a unique angle-the golfer's body. Based on the idea that a body limitation contributes to every swing flaw, FitGolf Performance Centers offers the most comprehensive set of golf fitness training and assessment tools to help you play better, more consistent golf with fewer aches and pains.

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