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Red Mat Media's Who's Your Caddy app helps to generate revenue

SALT LAKE CITY -- Red Mat Media, leaders in custom print, digital and mobile solutions, and creators of the Who's Your Caddy (WYC) mobile golf application-a unique application that provides an enhanced GPS system, scorecards, dynamic training video training with tips from the pros, club and course details and other features, all brought together in one, free powerful application that is valuable not only during play, but off the course, as well. And, through WYC's relationships with local and national advertising partners, Who's Your Caddy has acquired a vast array of "Gimmes" which are awarded at random to courses, to golfers who use the Who's Your Caddy Golf App. Golfers will be notified of "Gimmes" they have won that are then redeemable at locations in that area, from free meals, to a free oil change, to a free haircut.

The bottom line is that WYC connects the purchasing power of the golf community with advertisers-instantly. The Who's Your Caddy Mobile Golf App and Marketing Program is an innovative way for companies to directly interact and deliver their message to a proven, powerful and influential buying group, the golf community. WYC's Revolutionary Mobile Platform allows advertisers to capture the attention of this powerful demographic through unique advertising and push technology by putting advertisers in the palm of their consumers' hand. Advertisements are viewed on or off the golf course whenever the app is in use through push technology. Advertisers can also send notification texts through the app to reach this powerful buying audience and one monthly notification is included free with every ad.

The targeted, location-based advertising allows businesses to communicate with the desired demographic at the lowest cost per consumer. Mobile ads increase foot and web traffic with ad impressions that drive traffic to a company's website, landing page and place of business. Advertisers increase brand awareness with a captive audience. For example, a consumer while on the course and anytime off the course will see an ad on a rotating basis throughout a 4-5 hour period.

Get Results! The affluent and active golfing demographic has an average annual income of $102,000 and 91% own their principal residence. In addition, golfers have disposable income-with 73% dining out once or more a week, spending $33,000 on average for a vehicle and $2,800 on each vacation. Ninety percent use the Internet regularly and golf regularly at their local course or while traveling. A growing number, 67% of the golfing demographic purchase products or services online. In fact, 72% of iPhone store revenue is from online purchases, meaning consumers are making a huge volume of buying on their smartphones.

The mobile market is the fastest growing advertising segment with US ecommerce sales to hit $14 billion this year and $370 billion by 2017! More than fifty percent of consumers view advertisements on their mobile devices, especially via free content apps like Who's Your Caddy. A fun projection: There will be one mobile device per person on earth by 2015! More than 130 million Americans use smartphones and this is growing by 500,000 per week. Additionally, growth of smartphone users is expected to reach 1.25 billion users by 2014. In fact, more people are on their mobile phones than on their lap or desktops.

Golf's most complete mobile app is free to courses and players. Golfers earn Gimmes (free gifts from neighborhood businesses) by using Who's Your Caddy app. Participating courses earn revenue through Who's Your Caddy's unique advertising program by making their players aware of the app. Caddy-like advice is provided for each hole via a short video in which the golf professional offers simple inside instruction. Enjoy scorecards, enhanced GPS, weather and much more. For information:

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1Golfers plan to purchase: Golf Equipment 53%, Automobile purchase/lease 47%, Financial Planning 40%, Banking 59%, Computer Hardware 46%, Travel/Vacation 84%, Furniture/Home Furnishings 33%, Health/Auto/Life Insurance 45%, New or Additional Phone 33%, Continuing Education/Training 46%, and Office Equipment 48% .

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