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AHEAD announces forging distribution partnership with IonLoop

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. -- With its proven track record of success selling headwear, apparel and accessories to golf's green grass and other retail markets, AHEAD has developed a multi-dimensional brand over the past 18 years that represents a blend of quality, style and value. In its latest development, AHEAD has forged a partnership with IonLoop to be the sole distributor to the golf market of the company's IonLoop branded and custom-logoed line of magnet and negative ion bracelets.

"We are excited to be affiliated with IonLoop because both of our companies place an emphasis on quality, creativity and delivery," said Scott Stone, national sales manager, golf for AHEAD. "IonLoop's bracelets are a natural fit within our unparalleled offering of custom accessories, and we are confident our customers will be excited to see this great addition to our lineup. IonLoop bracelets are a perfect complement to our already robust collection of tournament and outing options as well as a great item for the shop."

According to Melissa Gotfredson, CEO of IonLoop, the partnership with AHEAD comes at the perfect time.

"We now have the good fortune to become involved with AHEAD, the industry leader in headwear, apparel and accessories," said Gotfredson, who along with her husband, Bob, founded the company in 2009. "Our bracelets have a golf heritage but also offer the unique ability to be customized for events, tournaments and fundraisers. Partnering with the AHEAD team is a great fit for us."

Gotfredson attributed expanding technology - ultraviolet rays and mobile phones as but two examples - to an individual's increased exposure to high levels of positive ions. She said IonLoop sport bracelets help one's body fight back with one of the highest levels of negative ion content in the industry, which, she added, is why many of the top professional golfers in the world choose to wear them and win.

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About AHEAD |
Founded in 1995, AHEAD is a multi-dimensional brand with a proven track record of success distributing headwear, apparel, and accessories to the green grass, resort and corporate markets. Its single focus of providing quality products, with innovative, high-quality design, and merchandising concepts has led to 18 years of continued growth and expansion. AHEAD is a leading supplier of headwear to the USGA, PGA of America, Ryder Cup and numerous PGA Tour events in addition to more than 5,000 green grass and resort shops throughout the world. Among active professional golfers who wear AHEAD gear on the course are Jim Furyk, Sean O'Hair and Brittany Lincicome. Golf legends Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Annika Sorenstam wear AHEAD exclusively.

About IonLoop |
IonLoop® negative ion bracelets, wristbands and necklaces are a great first-step in counteracting the harmful effects of positive ions. The negative ion properties are manufactured into the silicone bands themselves and will not lose their effectiveness over time. The Original IonLoop bracelets contain two small but powerful magnets that are carefully assembled to alternate the polarity of each magnet. The creators believe this manufacturing process may be adding another dimension to the potential stimulus that the magnets may have on the chemistry of the human body. IonLoop offers both fashion and function in every product.

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