Golf News for Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | Sponsorship offers sponsorship for tournament, event golf balls, long the leader in printed golf ball promotions, has initiated a program that illustrates the flexibility and value that can be created when the golf balls are packaged in non-generic custom made packaging.

The strategic advantage of is our ability to give sponsors meaningful return when utilizing our system for the golf ball giveaway portion of their event. "We have done many events with multiple sponsors being promoted on the packaging. We know that this creates value for sponsors and to prove it, we will take a panel for our company and as such reduce the per sleeve cost by 25%" says Greg Haxton, the company president and manager.

To illustrate here is picture showing how multiple sponsors can get recognition and value at while sponsoring the golf balls for a tournament or event. Copy and paste or use this link for a visual on how this program would work.

In this example, there is a real estate company, an energy drink, a coffee shop and us! Each sponsor can create offers or advertising for themselves. Golfbox offers for any ball in their value plus category they will sponsor 25% of the cost of the balls for a company or tournament event.

Founded in 1996, is considered the industry leader in logo golf ball promotions. The company was the first to offer logo or informative packaging for all orders of logo golf balls.

Greg Haxton
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