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GolfTEC offers newest golf equipment from major manufacturers

CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- Whether or not your golf game is in mid-season form, this is the moment to come to GolfTEC-the world leader in golf improvement-and check out the newest equipment from the major manufacturers.

Prices on the latest clubs have never been lower, and the 180 GolfTEC Improvement Centers in North America aren't just the best places to work on your game: They are the best places to shop for golf gear, as well. Many golfers are surprised to learn that GolfTEC charges the same prices as the big-box stores, but without pushing customers to take something "off the rack."

"We actually have very few clubs in stock," says Doug Rikkers, GolfTEC's Director of Club Fitting and Merchandise Services, "because 90% of what we sell is custom-ordered. If you're going to spend good money on new clubs, we strongly advise that you have them custom-fit, as well."

For years, golf professionals and equipment manufacturers have been telling players that buying new clubs is not enough. To shoot lower scores and improve their performance, those clubs should be individually fit, as Rikkers suggests.

And it seems golfers are getting the message. At GolfTEC, club fitting is more popular than ever. In fact, since the beginning of 2013, club fitting services are up 14% over last year.

"It isn't as if we've changed what we do," says Rikkers. "We've always said club fitting is important. Now core golfers understand and are agreeing with us more and more."

Customers also realize that a GolfTEC fitting is far superior to what they'll get in most places.

"Our process is unique," Rikkers explains. "We utilize Swing Labs fitting software that analyzes your launch data and then recommends the clubs most likely to improve your ball flight from a database of over a 1,000 club combinations. After hitting the selected clubs from the list the software identifies the best performing clubs for you. The end result is a precision matched set of clubs with proven performance improvement.

"Beyond precision matching we also make sure all the measurements are dialed in to your exact specs. Where the other guys check the usual stuff: length, loft, flex, maybe driver loft, we go way beyond that to elements such as grip size and type. We 'wedge gap' so your wedges fit consistently with your iron distances. With shafts, we actually can fit to an 'in-between' flex because not everyone needs exactly stiff or regular.

"Our fitting is so good," says Rikkers, "that it's worth much more than the $99, on average, that we charge. We have the latest technology, such as launch monitors and our own software. We'll make sure the golfer gets the right clubs for his, or her, game."

In years of working with golfers and checking their equipment, GolfTEC coaches are convinced that the clubs most golfers use are holding them back. Rikkers and the over 600 GolfTEC Coaches are out to change that.

Rikkers explains, "Average golfers say, 'I'm not good enough to be custom fit.' I'd argue that higher handicap players need club fitting more because the better players have the skill to modify or adjust their swing.

"Say your lie angle is too upright: That's like hitting every shot as if the ball is above your feet. What fun is that?

"I recently fit a guy who is 4-foot-10. He'd been fit many other places but was never given clubs more than a half-inch shorter than standard. We fit him with clubs three inches shorter than standard and for the first time in his life he was able to make a natural swing without compensating for clubs that were too long."

An extreme story? Yes, but every golfer has something in his or her swing that demands attention. GolfTEC wants its students to play the best golf possible, and along with outstanding instruction, club fitting makes that happen.

Whether you are fixing an existing set of clubs or ordering new equipment, club fitting is an investment in your game improvement.

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About GolfTEC
The global leader in golf improvement, GolfTEC gives more than 25% of all private golf lessons in the North America annually and has a 95% success rate among its students. The 600 GolfTEC Certified Personal Coaches at 180 centers worldwide, including 70+ within Golfsmith stores, have given more than 4 million lessons since 1995. All lessons are based on the company's "Five Factors:" Fact-Based Diagnosis, Sequential Lessons, Video-Based Practice, Advanced Retention Tools, and Precision-Matched Clubs. GolfTEC Improvement Centers can be found in almost all major U.S. cities, Canada, Japan and Korea. Call 877-446-5383 or visit

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