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Loudmouth Golf launches new range of shirts called "The Fancies"

LONDON -- Loudmouth Golf, the leader in bold and bright coloured golf and lifestyle apparel, is pleased to announce their brand new range of shirts called 'The Fancies' are available immediately. Loudmouth's latest line consists of ten patterns which are designed to be worn alongside their solid 'Essential' trousers. As part of the Loudmouth strategy, current and new patterns will be retired to make room for their freshest designs. This means every new print is a limited edition, so hurry!

Introducing 'The Fancies' 2013 Collection:
Fancy Black Captain Thunderbolt shirt.
Fancy Black Palm Beach shirt
Fancy Double Cheezburger shirt
Fancy Drop Cloth shirt
Fancy Mock Neck Black Palm Beach shirt
Fancy Mock Neck White Pink and Black shirt
Fancy Paint Balls shirt
Fancy Scribblz shirt
Fancy Shagadelic White shirt
Fancy White Pink and Black shirt

"We've been besieged by orders" says Loudmouth European General Manager Tracy Sanderson "The demand has been incredible we're selling these almost as quickly as the stock is arriving".

Alongside 'The Fancies' Loudmouth has a variety of other solid style shirts for men and women designed to be worn with their trademark colourful trousers. The shirts are designed to be roomy, comfortable and made in 100% polypique with a moisture wicking finish.

For more information on the new collection visit:

About Loudmouth
Founded in 2000, Loudmouth Golf is recognised as the leading brand in outrageous and fun apparel for men and women. The line features bright colours in striking patterns in pants, shorts, shirts, skorts, jackets, belts, snow pants and more, all designed by the founder, Woody. Loudmouth provides personal customer service and quality products that people love to wear. Loudmouth Golf is worn by many athletes including two-time major winning golfer, John Daly and other PGA and LPGA professionals; the USA men's beach volleyball Gold Medal winning team; and the Norwegian men's curling Silver Medal winning team. You can also find Loudmouth suits on the red carpets of Hollywood. Loudmouth Golf products are sold worldwide at many shops and also available online at Be sure to follow Loudmouth's conversations at and

Paul Heming
European Sales & Marketing consultant - Loudmouth Golf
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