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Aldila shafts announce capturing 10th PGA Tour victory of season

POWAY, Calif. -- Led by Aldila's most popular shaft series, Tour Blue and Tour Green, players using Aldila shafts have won 10 PGA Tour tournaments so far this season. Two wins were with Aldila's new graphite RIP Tour Iron shafts featuring RIP Technology™.

With a total of 43 Tour Blue and Tour Green shafts in play, Aldila captured both the wood and hybrid shaft manufacturer counts at The Greenbrier Classic. "The Hottest Shafts In Golf" had 19 more wood and 14 more hybrid shafts in play than the next leading competitor, according to the Darrell Survey. On the PGA Tour this year Aldila has won the wood shaft manufacturer count 20 times and the hybrid shaft manufacturer count 25 times.

"The Tour Green is a stiff tip shaft with moderate torque designed for lower/penetrating ball flight producing a lower spin rate," said Stewart Bahl, Aldila's Marketing Manager. "The Tour Blue is moderate stiff tip shaft and very low torque designed for a slightly higher ball flight with low to moderate spin rate. The shaft profiles have a constant taper to provide exceptional feel and a smooth, controlled release. Tour Blue and Tour Green shafts are made with the latest generation of Aldila's Micro Laminate materials (MLT). The ultra thin, ultra strong material allows for the construction of a shaft with outstanding performance and unparalleled consistency."

Two of Aldila's 10 wins on Tour were with Aldila's new graphite RIP Tour Iron shafts featuring RIP Technology™. The RIP Iron shafts are two times structurally straighter than steel shafts, 10 percent lighter and have 20 percent lower torque than traditional steel shafts.

"Aldila engineers have combined exclusive carbon fiber materials and resins with RIP (Reverse Interlaminar Placement) Technology™ to create the Tour Iron shafts," said Bahl. "Incorporating exclusive manufacturing technology acquired from Aldila's composite arrow making company, Aldila's engineers were able to make an iron shaft that is straighter and more consistent than any other iron shaft, steel or graphite. The Tour Iron shaft's proprietary materials make them lower in torque, he said. "At the end of the day, we feel that this is the product that will finally give the player a better performing shaft than steel."

Aldila ( offers patented shaft design technologies that consistently outperform other shafts available. This technology advantage is the reason Aldila is the most popular graphite shaft on the PGA Tour. Tour professionals recognize Aldila's advanced performance and year after year that there are more Aldila wood and hybrid shafts in play on Tour than any other shaft manufacturer. Whether the Micro Laminate Technology® first introduced in Aldila NV®, the most popular graphite ever or today's advanced RIP Technology®, Aldila engineers are continually pushing and advancing high performance graphite golf shaft technology well beyond any other manufacturer.

Aldila Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon America Inc. Aldila Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of carbon fiber shafts. Aldila is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of carbon-based composite products and materials used in various end markets. Aldila's competencies are the development of carbon-based composites and the implementation of manufacturing processes that support the commercialization of these composites. Aldila is a vertically integrated supplier of composites across three primary end markets: carbon-based pre-impregnated composite fibers, graphite golf shafts and archery products.

For more information on the Aldila RIP® Series, VooDoo, VS Proto™, and NV® shafts, visit Aldila's Web site Follow what's new on

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