Golf News for Tuesday, July 2, 2013 | Technology

Swing Catalyst offers products at discount Summer Special price

Last month Golf Channel introduced Swing Catalyst as the "new technology helping players to maximize their game". See VIDEO at

Now you have the chance to take advantage of this groundbreaking technology as well.

Swing Catalyst spokesman Jef Carr says, "Balance and patterns of weight-shift has received increasingly more focus among the top coaches. The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate adds an important dimension to golf instruction & club fitting. It gives the instructor / fitter a better understanding of the golf swing, ranging from weight shift patterns and balance down to details of foot pressure distribution. None of these elements can be determined by the best trained eye or even expensive high-speed cameras. The Balance Plate data is perfectly synchronized with the video images as well as with data from popular launch monitors."

The Summer Special price of just $6,995 equips the golf professional with a complete suite of learning tools that can also fully integrate with today's leading launch monitors from TrackMan / FlightScope and ForeSight Golf. Included in this package is the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate, single camera high-speed video software suite (which can be expanded to 4 cameras) and a high-speed USB video camera.

Carr continues, "We've never before offered this combination at such a low cost, a savings of over $2800, and I feel this will help lead more golf professionals into our friendly family of golf technology. Balance is so intuitive for the golfer that once they see the on screen representations fully synchronized automatically with the high speed video they begin to understand its vital importance to the golf swing. The combination is sure to help speed the learning curve."

For those not quite to the point of balance plate investment Swing Catalyst is also offering their Swing Catalyst video analysis software package as a stand-alone product. For those using handheld cameras such as the popular Casio Exilim Swing Catalyst video analysis software is the perfect tool for the instructor and the avid golfer. Swing Catalyst integrates all you need to import video files from your camera to perform analysis and instruction. This software is offered at just $395. Save $100.

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