Golf News for Friday, June 28, 2013 | Briefly survey reveals 75% of golfers bet on their game

SEATTLE -- In a recent survey, 75% of golfers said they gamble on their golf game. Top reasons for wagering were to increase competitive play and have more fun, according to the results from over 2,000 respondents to a survey.

"It's not surprising to see a high number of respondents saying they bet on the course," says Perry Ponti, General Manager of Pro Golf Discount, Inc. "At my club, most everyone will make a friendly wager on their round. It creates a competitive atmosphere and makes a match more fun."

Another 25% of survey respondents confessed to having never bet on their golf game citing stress and poor play as their main concerns.

"My golf game isn't good enough to wager money, food or drinks. I'd go broke unless I practice more," stated one respondent. Another stated, "Golf is something I do for exercise and relaxation. Too much at stake would put more stress on me and the game is frustrating enough as it is."

2,035 completed the survey from, a top seller of golf equipment and apparel.

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