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Fister Golf announces official introduction of Model I driver

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Fister Golf Company, founded by three-time World Long Drive Champion Sean "The Beast" Fister, announced the official launch of its Model I driver, designed to help golfers of all skill levels optimize their driving performance. The Model I features premium materials, cutting-edge designs and golf's highest quality components — from clubhead to shaft to grip — to add distance and accuracy off the tee for a variety of players.

The incredible performance of the Model I is realized through five primary technologies:

1. Billet Fire Forged SP700 Beta Ti Face
• Unlike most premium drivers using SP700 Beta Titanium in their faces, the Model I uses a fire forging process that allows the industry's strongest beta ti to be shaped from a billet into a variable thickness tongue-and-groove cup face that provides superior strength and a more consistent CT in and around the impact zone of the club. The result is a driver that falls within the USGA limit for CT with the hottest face possible.

2. Accordion Compression Chamber
• The sole of the Model I incorporates a series of three cavities designed to absorb and redistribute the stress forces, typically encountered at impact, away from the face of the clubhead. The result is a smoother energy transfer that minimizes hook and slice causing sidespin. In addition, the Accordion Compression Chamber reduces backspin, providing a more penetrating ball flight and a shallower angle of descent for more fairway roll.

3. Variable Crown Thickness
• The Model I's forged crown enables it to be variable in thickness, removing discretionary weight from areas where it is not needed and redistributing it to more critical areas. The result is a driver that offers lightweight performance on par with that of a carbon fiber crown, while retaining the acoustics of pure titanium.

4. Precision Tongue-and-Groove Body Construction
• The Model I uses the latest advancements in precision tooling, joining the body to the face through a tongue-and-groove construction that ensures more consistent body shape and dimensions than all competitors' driver manufacturing. In addition, the body is CNC plasma welded to maximize the discretionary weight used in weight stabilization efforts, providing increased MOI.

5. Adjustable Hosel
• The Model I features a Grade 4 Pure Titanium hosel that provides ease of adjustment similar to a forged iron. In fact, the hosel can be bent 1-degree in any direction for optimum face angle, launch and lie control.

"Model I is more than a product name, it is a commitment to golfers to offer the industry's most technologically-advanced head, paired with the industry's number one grip and premium shaft for unrivaled performance," said Sean Fister, President/CEO of Fister Golf. "Make no mistake, every aspect of the Model I was designed with the goal in mind of helping golfers hit it longer. Any golfer can benefit from the technology I've incorporated into this driver. The thorough research and development behind the Model I and the demanding manufacturing tolerances we mandate all combine with top-level components to ensure that the Model I is the highest quality, best performing driver available."

The Model I driver comes standard with a FujikuraTM Motore F1 shaft and Golf PrideTM New Decade MultiCompound grip. The Model I has a retail price of $399 and is available in either 9 or 10.5 degrees of loft, but can be bent 1-degree in either direction to accommodate loft needs from 8 to 11.5 degrees. The Model I is available now at

About Fister Golf
Headquartered in Charleston, S.C., Fister Golf Company is owned and operated by Long Drivers of America Hall of Famer and three-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion Sean "The Beast" Fister. Fister Golf designs, markets and sells high performance premium drivers that incorporate Fister's extensive knowledge of maximizing driving distance into their construction. Fister Golf also manages the operation and marketing of the Fister Golf Power Academy - offering "Tour Level" training and fitting services to golfers looking to improve their distance, accuracy and consistency off the tee. For more information visit

About Sean Fister
Sean "The Beast" Fister attained fame as an international power-hitting golf icon after winning three RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship titles and setting multiple world records throughout his 25-year professional career. Recently, "The Beast" was named President of the LDA Hall of Fame. For more information about Sean Fister and his lengthy list of career accolades, visit

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