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High Definition Golf adds virtual skills challenge to simulators

TORONTO -- Golfers around the world will soon be putting their swing to the test as High Definition Golf™ introduces skills competition software to its simulators.

"Most golfers have seen skills competitions on TV, but few have experienced the thrill of competing in one. We wanted to open this up to everyone, no matter your skill level." says Todd Richardson, President & CEO of Interactive Sports Technologies, the company behind the innovation. Golfers can try out this exciting challenge at hundreds of indoor golf centers, golf & country clubhouses, hotels & resorts and other locations with HD Golf™ simulators, worldwide.

The new software tests four different skills: driving, approach shots, chipping and putting. Golfers can play as many rounds as they want, as they try to work their way up the four different levels of difficulty in each category. "In this competition, every golfer will feel challenged to take their game up to the next level," says Richardson. "You can play again and again and see your score go up."

Golfers can select to compete against themselves, other golfers at their facility or global players via virtual tournaments. At the end of each round, golfers receive a total score based on their points from each of the 4 skill categories. Driving, approach shots, chipping and putting are all weighted equally. Richardson says this will help level the playing field and increase participation among those with shorter drives like some women, youth and seniors.

The skills challenge is available as a free download on all HD Golf™ systems. The company plans to continuously add new content to keep the challenge fresh.

About High Definition Golf™
Used by PGA Tour Pros and some of the world's top golf instructors, HD Golf™ is the only golf simulator that looks and plays like the real thing. Revolutionary image processing software combines high resolution digital imagery with satellite and geophysical data to create exact 3D models of each course. Pioneers in computer vision technology, HD Golf™ has the most advanced ball and club tracking in the industry, providing instant feedback and detailed analysis after every swing.

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