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JumboMax Golf Grips selects The Media Group for public relations

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- JumboMax Golf Grips, pioneers of the USGA-conforming super-oversized grip category, announced that they've selected The Media Group, a creative services agency based out of Chicago, Illinois, to handle its Public Relations and Communications efforts.

About JumboMax Golf Grips
JumboMax Grips garnered the attention of the golf world by offering golfers an alternative to the standard-size or "skinny" grips typically found on clubs. The super-oversized JumboMax Grip, with its patented design and larger diameter, provides maximum hand-to-grip surface contact for a tension-free, one-piece connection to the club. This in turn promotes relaxed grip pressure, more consistent squaring of the clubface, a more fluid and powerful swing, and the most shock-absorption for continuous comfortable play.

Dominant Golf, LLC is the parent company and manufacturer of JumboMax Golf Grips and is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company was created with the goal of developing a better way for people to learn, play and love the game of golf. The JumboMax Grip was designed with computer and laboratory technologies and has been studied extensively on golf ranges and courses with golfers of varying skill levels including low, intermediate and high handicap players.

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About The Media Group
The Media Group is a Creative Services Agency that began in 1996, working with a small group of clients, and has now become one of the most effective and highly respected PR/Communications Firms in the Golf Industry. The Media Group offers a wide range of golf services including strategic planning, public relations, direct marketing, special events coordination and trade show planning. Their objective is to build Brand Equity and increase Brand Name Awareness through editorial placements in print publications as well as other outlets like television, radio and the Internet.

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Media members interested in testing any of the JumboMax Golf products for an editorial review should contact Joe Wieczorek of The Media Group at (847) 956-9090.

Joe Wieczorek
The Media Group, Inc.
(847) 956-9090