Golf News for Friday, June 14, 2013 | Sponsorship

Status4 Golf app partners with Chicago Golfweek Amateur Tour

Status4, a sports technology company, announced that its mobile app Status4 Golf, has been named the official live leaderboard partner of the Chicago Golfweek Amateur Tour.

Status4 Golf is an easy-to-use, next-generation mobile app that lets any golfer keep and share scores, compete against other players, and manage events ranging from a casual round of golf to a competitive tournament. With a golfer-friendly ability to track every score, Status4 Golf helps elevate the level of competition and experience the thrill of victory (or the sting of defeat) - whether on the course or back in the clubhouse.

The partnership with Status4 Golf will provide the Chicago membership with on-the-course access to live updating leaderboards during its competitions. Chicago Tour Director Rob Maguire stated, "We are excited to partner with Status4 to enhance our player's tournament experience. Utilizing their easy-to-use interface, our players will know where they stand at all times. Making our tournaments more fun to participate in and allowing the membership to experience the best of tournament golf, just like the pros!"

About Status4:
Founded in January 2013, Status4, Inc is leveraging its patent pending application to deliver mobile solutions that enhance those sports that demand a real time connection to the players and fans. Based in Charlotte NC, Status4' mobile scoring and event management components anchor a mobile transaction platform that Status4 registered users carry everywhere.