Golf News for Thursday, June 13, 2013 | Technology

Spark Motion ignites a spark in the golf community with updated technology

The perfect golf swing is something players at every level strive to achieve, but almost impossible to accomplish until they discover Spark Motion. The Spark Motion app is helping golfers across the nation create a flawless swing with their innovative motion analysis software.

Spark Motion is designed to help evaluate and correct inefficiencies in a truly authentic environment, as well as remotely via a HIPAA compliant Cloud. Coaches, trainers and medical practitioners are able to record video with their iPad and then instantly analyze the data.

"The power of Spark Pro is it allows a golf professional to provide remote consults and assist every day golfers," said Dave Gottfeld, Founder and President of Spark Motion. "It allows any golfer to send a video from any device to a Spark Pro user who can then analyze breakdown and correct flaws in the swing mechanics. The professional can evaluate the golfer in a truly authentic environment and correct flaws before they become habits."

What also makes the app unique is that trainers can use Spark Motion as an e-commerce site, charging a fee for remote lessons. The Spark Motion app serves visual learners as the ultimate education tool giving them the opportunity to instantly see their mistakes and how they can improve with side-by-side comparison screens, video layering with alignment and zoom in/out functions.

This cutting edge technology can be taken on the golf course to help improve crucial golf techniques such as body movement and alignment. For example, the postural grid tool can be moved with the touch of a finger to align on a ball or the player's vision to develop the perfect rotation and swing.

Available as an application for the iPad (and soon on Android), Spark Motion has revolutionized the motion analysis technology industry in three distinct areas: athletic performance, medical rehabilitation and education.

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