Golf News for Wednesday, June 12, 2013 | Marketing

SmartCart announces launch of new website, new app enhancements

DALLAS -- SmartCart announced the launch of their new website, plus several functionality enhancements of their smartphone application. These improvements expand SmartCart's flexibility to fit the needs of any F&B operation in or outside of the golf industry.

SmartCart main focus for the last three years has been to provide the highest quality native applications to the golf industry, although with the pieces already in place moving to the restaurant industry was a natural progression. "We knew from the start restaurants would be a great market, but wanted to ensure we had the best application in the golf market before moving into a new industry." The new responsive website offers separate pipelines for each specific industry outlining the features and benefits unique to the setting.

SmartCart is now able to create personalized apps for private and public clubs (including country, city, yacht etc) as well as resorts and even restaurants. The application can be personalized and customized to match the look and branding of the facility, but retains all the useful features of SmartCart. This allows clubs or management groups to keep the exclusivity and regional marketing influences under their control. SmartCart is now able to support non-golf facilities by replacing the scorecard with events or specials calendar. They are the only app in the industry that does everything within a fully custom native app. With SmartCart, companies can brand and market throughout the app, not just the app button and home screen. The entire app has the proper color schemes and themes throughout the application.

Darnell says, "If a club or restaurant wanted to create their own app of this standard it would cost hundreds of thousand dollars, plus at least a year of development. Our solution immediately gives clubs the edge to not only compete with other golf clubs but other industries. 90% of your customers carry smartphones and 75% of those have placed an order for something using their phone. We are not just a pointless web app that adds no value to your customers or the clubs bottom line. We are dedicated to continually improving our product for both the golfer, the course and the community."

To review videos of how the SmartCart app works or for more information on how to become a user or member, please visit

David Darnell, VP/ Customer Relations