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Jennifer Mario: A valentine's offer for Retief Goosen

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Gray, dreary weather punctuated with freezing rain, wintry mixes, light flurries, or, if you’re in upstate New York, snow you'll still be shoveling come June.

The upside of February? Valentine’s Day of course. Chocolate hearts, cheesy cards, and if you have school-aged children, staying up past midnight to stuff Valentine cards for the kiddies to pass out to every single kid at school.

As most Hallmark holidays tend to do, Valentine’s Day makes you sit back and wax poetic about the one you love. And for me, that person is the one, the only, Retief Goosen.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, of course. This year marks our tenth anniversary, and we’re going strong. But he has his thing for Maria Sharapova, and I have my thing for Retief. It’s only fair.

Other women golfers question my taste. Why Retief, asks the Golf Girl? Why not, say, Adam Scott? Or the ever-popular Camilo Villegas? No question they're hotter than, say, Phil, but for this lady here it’s all about the Goose. His quiet stoicism under pressure. His ability to laugh at his own mistakes. His recent birdie-eagle finish to win the Qatar Masters. rlrlrlrl [help me out here, how do you spell “growl”?]

Be honest, guys. We all have a Tour valentine. Tim McDonald makes no secret of his crush on Natalie Gulbis. Baldwin actually thinks he has a chance with Paula Creamer. The slightly less picky Bill Wolfrum, apparently, will take just about anyone in a bikini. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Retief is always at the top of my leaderboard.

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