Golf News for Friday, May 24, 2013 | Marketing

almostGOLF announces 2013 back yard golf fundraiser promotion

CULVER CITY, Calif. -- Looking for fun, low cost fundraiser this summer? Almost GOLF announces its Summer, 2013 back yard fundraiser campaign. Host a back yard Almost Golf fundraising tournament and almostGOLF will donate ball pack prizes for the top 3 players.

Almost Golf tournaments are fun, safe, casual and also highly competitive due to the true flight characteristics of the almostGOLF ball. Almost Golf has everything needed to set up a back yard or neighborhood tournament including target packs, hitting mats and most importantly, the almostGOLF ball, the #1 Off Course Ball in Golf.

Check out our website to see videos of past almostGOLF fundraisers including the annual Meschewski Open found here:

Contact almostGOLF for details. This offer is good for events booked by 7/31/13.

The almostGOLF ball is ideal for back yard and even neighborhood golf events because it is safe, yet with its internal compression (COR rating of .35) performs like a regulation ball - you can fade, hook, draw or slice it.

A misconception about the almostGOLF ball sometimes results from comparison to other practice balls on the market - blow molded, hollow balls and 'squishy' foam balls made in China. Although on its outward appearance, the solid core, made-in-the-USA almostGOLF ball may seem like these balls, the technology inside tells a different story when the ball is hit

Just like what the softball did for baseball, the almostGOLF ball has broken the safety barrier, yet with true flight characteristics. It provides a fun and challenging golf experience off the golf course in parks and schoolyards, in limited distance driving ranges or practice areas where safety is an issue, or even on a Par 3 course where it can be used with a driver.

And again, the almostGOLF ball is made right here in the USA.

almostGOLF LLC is the maker of the almostGOLF ball, the Best Practice Ball in Golf, which combines tour quality flight characteristics with safety unmatched by any other golf ball. almostGOLF products, including the almostGOLF Play Anywhere Pack, allow golfers of all skill levels to improve their golf game. almostGOLF is committed to growing the game of golf through its programs with camps and recreational parks, middle schools, high schools and colleges across the United States and Canada. almostGOLF products are available in major retailers including Dick's Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, Edwin Watts Golf Shops, Roger Dunn Golf Shop, Sport Chalet and as well as in local golf pro shops and online at

Gwen Abel