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Tim McDonald: PGA Show's sexiest women

Sex sells, even in golf, with its conservative, button-down image. Especially in golf, with its conservative, button-down image.

There are some buttons popping at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, on blouses and elsewhere. A quick review of the show floor revealed the following strong, contenders for best and most blatant displays of commercial sexism.

Pocket BC, which sells a pocket ball cleaner, has two young women roaming around the floor of the mammoth exhibition hall. Short, black skirts, t-shirts, one blonde, one dirty blonde. Not bad.

SKB has two scantily-clad women in mini-skirts and halter tops. One blonde, one brunette. Better.

Supertowel, which sells a towel made of some kind of micro fiber, only had one babe, but she’s a redhead in a short skirt and open sweater displaying her ample portfolio.

But, the leading contender, and unless they’re dethroned, the champs, are the two women manning the Sports Source booth, one blonde and one brown-haired – in mico-mini, plaid, schoolgirl skirts with skimpy tube tops.

That would be the booth with the biggest crowd.

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