Golf News for Wednesday, May 15, 2013 | Marketing

G-Force Consulting data service covers light electric vehicles

G-Force Consulting has launched a new subscription-based market and engineering data service for light electric vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and investors. Reports are updated monthly and cover the battery, traction motor and motor controller markets. The reports are being released to help stakeholders understand and profit in the booming powersports electronic and mechatronic markets including utility vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs. "The battery report is already being used by major industry manufacturers, and the motor and controller reports should have a similar ripple effect throughout the industry" reports Gary Gustafson, President of G-Force Consulting.

The reports include SWOT analyses and sales estimates for both major and up-and-coming suppliers, offer new sales and design solutions for sales growth, and also describe the supplier and technology strategies for all of the North American powersports OEMs. Brands covered include TM4, Sevcon, Johnson Controls, Yuasa and Trojan Battery. Unique engineering insights and critical design considerations are included, based upon 21 years in the off-road vehicle and light electric vehicle markets. Monthly updates cover prospective supply chain effects of the latest moves by industry leaders such as BRP and Polaris, patent watches for all of the major OEMs, industry relationships such as marketing agencies for each brand, and much more. Key contacts for each company are listed. The prospects for new technologies are analyzed with an exceptionally keen eye. "Manufacturers that have traditionally supplied solely to the golf market often look at the powersports market with trepidation because the supply chain and distribution model and design specifications are so different. The information in these 150+ page reports will bring the various business aspects into focus and help golf-oriented suppliers achieve sustainable growth in these adjacent markets"

Wall Street primary market research firms, automotive suppliers, powersports OEMs and start-up companies have all employed G-Force Consulting to help them achieve a greater return on investment for their sales and development efforts. Gustafson says that G-Force Consulting is uniquely suited to deliver this kind of information because it is based upon an extensive breadth and depth of technical, sales and marketing consulting appointments serving dozens of clients. "The strength of these reports is the analysis and insight, not just the data. Macro-trends such as CPSC rulemaking and off-road vehicle access are extrapolated into actionable strategies via a War Game approach. The powersports market is attracting new manufacturers every day, but some of them fail because the learning curve is too costly and drawn out. These up-to-the-minute reports will help to bring stakeholders up-to-speed quickly on many relevant business topics."

To obtain a Table of Contents, sample slides, and for purchase information visit to learn more.