Golf News for Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | Sponsorship

PowerBilt Golf sponsors Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Roy Nix, Executive Director of the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP), the world leader in the advancement of custom clubfitting and clubmaking, is pleased to welcome PowerBilt Golf as a sponsor. "PowerBilt is a venerable brand respected by clubfitters around the world," says Nix. "We look forward to working with them as we fit golfers with clubs that create maximum performance."

The AGCP is a performance testing group of clubfitters and any design that enhances performance is going to be high on our list of assets to help our golfers play a better game of golf and enjoy the game more. With many of our AGCP clubfitters again being selected for Golf Digest's list of America's Best 100 Clubfitters we look forward to a relationship with Powerbilt.

"PowerBilt's top-of-the-line clubs, the Air Force One models, features proprietary Nitrogen Charged Technology. Each clubhead is filled with nitrogen gas to support an ultra-thin face. With no internal bracing of the face needed, the entire face of the club works more efficiently in transferring energy from the club to the ball. "There's no doubt that Nitrogen Charged Technology enhances clubhead performance. As we've tested this technology, we've worked with golfers who have various swing types. And we've learned that to get the most out of Nitrogen Charged Technology, custom fitting is a key element." Ross Kvinge, president of PowerBilt Golf.

Custom fitting is the great equalizer, according to Kvinge. "When you're using launch monitors and other swing technology to test performance, you quickly see that PowerBilt performance is second to none. Our test results rival and outperform any of the big names."

PowerBilt is a division of Hillerich & Bradsby (H&B), makers of Louisville Slugger® bats and Bionic® gloves. H&B has been making golf clubs since 1916. PowerBilt is a heritage brand with decades of knowledge in high-performance. It has a complete line of clubs offering everything from beginner sets for juniors to high-tech clubs for golfers competing at the highest levels.

"We're all about chemistry," states Kvinge. "We've got chemistry in our clubs, and we are creating the right chemistry with the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals by partnering with them so they can show serious golfers just how well PowerBilt performs. We look forward to our first appearance at the Annual AGCP Clubfitter and Clubmaker convention in Columbus GA in October. We will be at the Demo Day on Wednesday October 16 and exhibiting at the Convention on Thursday October 17. We invite clubfitters to come see us on the convention floor Thursday October 17 and try out our products. Admission is free to all clubfitters and clubmakers. Come see us and we will chip in towards a new membership in the AGCP for eligible clubfitters and clubmakers."

About the AGCP
Based in Columbus, GA, the AGCP is dedicated to the promotion and growth of custom fitting worldwide by providing classes, schools and conventions for the clubfitting and clubmaking industry, primarily through our Roundtable Education Conference and Convention classes. The 8th Annual AGCP convention, RT8, will again be in Columbus GA October 15 through October 19.

To learn more about the AGCP or to become a member call 706.324.7490 or visit