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Chris Baldwin: Britney Spears cannot handle Las Vegas: She's no overweight golf warrior

If you started talking about the best pure golf destination in the U.S., you'd get plenty of debate. And probably not one mention of Las Vegas.

But if you want a golf spot where the partying's so hardcore that Britney Spears faints, there's only one choice.

Fresh off a run in which Spears became the toast of certain internet communities because she doesn't always believe in underwear, Spears was making one of those Vegas celebrity party hosting turns. This is where a big casino club pays the star to make sure they're seen at their party (hopefully dancing on the tables for better tabloid coverage).

Only this was New Year's Eve, so it was an even bigger event - and paycheck. Caesars Palace's PURE nightclub was the site and Spears played the dutiful host, doing not one but two New Year countdowns - one for VIPs, another for the masses.

Then, a little while later, she collapsed - according to multiple stories. Britney's people now say she was just super tired and that those eyewitnesses quoted in various Hollywood celeb news reports that say she had to be carried out of the club by her entourage are mistaken.

Either way, this makes a whole lot of overweight Las Vegas golfers look a lot better.

These warriors not only manage to stay out past the 12:50 a.m. fainting hour that hit Spears. They stay out, partake in Vegas' fun and still usually make their 8 a.m. tee times (OK, maybe 9 a.m. tee times).

They don't make Pop Princesses as tough as they used to. That guy with the horrific slice in your foursome, the one with his glasses falling off ...

He can probably out party Britney. You too.

This just proves that in Vegas any dream really is possible.

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