Golf News for Tuesday, May 7, 2013 | Business

Peter's Natural Gardening helping superintendents to use microbes

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Peter's Natural Gardening is now showing Georgian Superintendents exactly how to create and use the smallest forms of life known, to help restore the balance of nature, and make their jobs more fun, rewarding and profitable on every level.

Pete Duquemin, President of the company, an expert at natural horticulture, explains that "a Superintendent's job is more difficult, more expensive, and volatile than it needs to be, or really should be. We see a real need here. There are new methods and techniques that enable one to grow fast, near perfect greens, lush, problem free fairways with less time and money, and in a way that benefits everyone. The ROI is super quick, almost an immediate payback."

Dr. Ingham, world renowned microbiologist, and other top scientists and horticulture pros have provided most of the insight and knowledge that is now being used across a wide range of industries, and is now primed to be a revolutionary advancement for Golf Maintenance OPS.

PNG says the premium organic materials used alone are already excellent. When combined and processed correctly, the resultant inoculant is much more effective than the sum of it's parts. The course spray equipment can apply it quickly, safely and easily.

PNG uses top laboratories to insure consistency, as confidence in the technique and the microbe packed solution itself, is crucial for success.

PNG now works with Rivermont Country Club, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the first two known Golf Courses in Georgia to utilize this, and has also worked with the PGA Agronomy Division with TPC, as well, providing demonstrations and consulting services. Other courses are making use of demos as a first step, to see the scope of the program best for them.

To find out more please contact:
Pete Duquemin, President