Golf News for Friday, December 15, 2006 | Equipment

Accu-Length launches line of pink clubs designed for young girls

LEAWOOD, Kan. -- Accu-Length’s new clubs for young girls aren’t just pretty in pink, they’re pretty darn effective on the golf course, too.

Accu-Length, the makers of the one-of-a-kind expandable junior golf clubs that were recently a top item on Golf Digest’s well-respected “Hot List,” has introduced a new line of pink clubs specifically for young girls – its first products designed specifically for females - in the 500 and 1000 sets.

The new pink clubs combine with Accu-Length’s new and unique hybrid club to give the company a dynamic duo of products that consumers can choose from as they look for the perfect Holiday Season gift, or the ultimate clubs to help their youngsters in the 2007 golf season, and beyond.

“The Accu-Length Pink Set was created to meet the demands of young girls who are becoming more and more interested in playing golf,” says Rick Rutter, President, COO and Founder of OnTrack Sports, LLC, makers of Accu-Length, the only Expandable Junior Golf Clubs. “They’re made of the same high quality and with the same precision manufacturing as all of our other products. They give players solid contact and feel, and help them learn more about making a repeatable golf swing and about playing the game well.

“Once young girls start using these club,” adds Rutter “they’ll understand why LPGA star Paula Creamer feels that pink is her lucky color.”

The Accu-Length Pink 500 Series, designed for the youngest players, is for children 36.5 to 46.5 inches tall and is perfect for beginning golfers. The Accu-Length Pink 1000 Series is perfect for golfers 44 to 54 inches tall who are just learning the game.

The Pink 1000 Series comes with a wood, a 36-degree 7-iron, a pitching wedge and a heel-toe weighted putter, while the Pink 500 Series comes with all but the iron. All are made from high-quality stainless steel for durability and quality. The Pink 500 Series wood is 24 degrees to make it easier for younger players to get the ball into the air, while the Pink 1000 Series wood is 17 degrees for playability.

Both sets come with a dual-strapped carry bag that features a riser system that guarantees that the clubs will fit into the bag as the clubs are lengthened. Each bag has self-standing legs as well. The retail price is $119.99 on the AL Pink 500 Series and $149.99 on the AL Pink 1000 Series which has one extra club. Spacers are now sold separately for all clubs and sets, in packs of four, with a retail price of $9.99.

Accu-Length will still offer its original AL 500 Series – in purple -- and AL 1000 Series -- in yellow, in addition to both sets being available in pink.

New 4/5 Hybrids

While Accu-Length’s new pink clubs will make playing golf a joy for junior girls, the same can be said for youngsters who use the new Accu-Length 4/5 Hybrid, the company’s first product in that category. The club, which has a 29-degree loft, is designed to replace a 4-iron or 5-iron. It has a filament wound shaft and stainless steel head and is available in colors that coordinate with Accu-Length’s 1000 (pink and yellow), 2000 (red) and 3000 (gray) Series. The retail price is $39.99.

“Virtually all players are using hybrids – from top PGA professionals to beginning golfers. They’re easy to hit and add enjoyment to playing the game,” says Rutter. “The Accu-Length 4/5 Hybrid will enable junior golfers to handle any type of conditions, from hitting out of the rough to hitting off the fairway. It is truly an all-purpose club.”

These new clubs and sets join the company’s ever-growing popular line including the recently launched new 250 cc driver available in the 2000 and 3000 series, SS stainless steel putters, which come in all four series, and junior golf gloves available in three sizes.

Accu-Length’s expandable club technology creates consistency in their swings for juniors that have long been so important to adult golfers. This helps junior golfers develop a repeatable swing motion and muscle memory which produces more consistent swings, resulting in straighter shots, longer hits, lower scores and most importantly, a more enjoyable golf experience for kids.

Accu-Length’s Expandable Junior Golf Clubs were ranked second – out of 16 companies – on Golf Digest’s Hot List of Junior Golf Sets, in the magazine’s August 2006 edition and ranked first in that same publication’s South Africa edition. Accu-Length clubs were also named Best New Equipment Product at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

Consult your local tournament director for use at USGA sanctioned tournaments. Interested retailers may contact Jeff Sharpe, TOLL FREE, at 1 800-376-0716. For more information on Accu-Length contact Mary Deatrick at 407 332-5212 or visit the company's web site at