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Loudmouth Golf's eXclusive membership club for loyal customers

FOSTER CITY, Calif. -- This is your invitation to Loudmouth Golf's ├╝ber membership club, Loudmouth eXclusive Club (LMx). LMx is a quarterly club that automatically ships members a box filled with special Loudmouth Golf swag for men or women four times a year. The treasure chests will include member only patterns, pants, shirts, shorts, accessories, and surprise items. LMx members also have access to Loudmouth discounts and other promotional incentives. Sign up now to secure your spot for the LMx Q2 shipment!

"Club LMx has been a huge success for us," says Loudmouth Golf CEO, Larry Jackson. "We knew after the first shipment when our club LMx members were sharing their excitement by posting photos and gloating to their friends that we were onto something good."

Customers can sign up online and will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire with their size information and preferences. Club LMx membership is $125/quarter (plus shipping) and is billed automatically. The total value of each box will be over $200, so LMx members get a lot of bang for their buck! Current Club LMx members can purchase a second household membership with the same credit card and shipping address for a discounted price. Memberships may also be given as a gift.

Future Club LMx members, Welcome to the Jungle!

Club LMx is available internationally. For more information visit or email

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Cassie Kovacevich