Golf News for Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | Equipment

Black Hawk Putter named top equipment story by Golf Digest Magazine

Golf Digest Magazine, in it's annual listing of Equipment Stories of 2012, selected the Black Hawk Putter as the Top Story. But they don't even know half the Story! They haven't Putted with it yet!

The Black Hawk Putter, and it's companion model the Black Swan, continue to shock and amaze all who Putt with them. Designed by a Professional Golfer who worked three decades as a Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Engineer simply to "Make More Putts", (for a competitive comeback after reaching 50 years of age), the Putters have to be Putted with to be believed. Everyone is a hard skeptic until they Putt with the Black Hawk or Black Swan. Then, the comments change 180 degrees...

Before they Putt with it...

"Do you make a larger putter?" (he-he... no)
"Is a Brick on a Stick Legal?" (yes)
"Does it Fit in my bag?" (of course)

But... From Hall of Fame Golfers came these reactions, after they Putted...

"This Putter is By Far, the Best"
"Makes my Stroke Better!"
"It's 80% Better than all other Putters if it's Fit Right, and still 60% Better if it's Not!"

From PGA Tour & Top 100 PGA Club & Teaching Pros...

"So good, we should be paying you for it!" (we don't pay them)
"Doubled my makes in the test from 13 to 26, and I didn't even want it to work!"
"Had 16 straight rounds where I made a 20 footer or longer"
"I've been to all the Top Putting Gurus... nobody teaches what you teach... and this works!"
"You've ruined my Cameron!" (sorry, but eBay is there if you need it)
"I'm a hard skeptic. But... This is the Real Deal" (we hear that nearly every day)

From Top Industry Professionals...

"All other putters are Junk... after putting with this my putters don't even have a sweet spot!"
"Lightning in a Bottle... you'll sell half a million!" (no, we're selling them one at a time, with a Lesson!)
"Genius... except it's so obvious after you putt with it... why didn't the other companies do this?" (ask them)

From Everyday Amateurs...

"What a great birthday present, shot my age 68, made 6 Putts over 20 feet!"
"Had 25 Putts my first round, in a Tournament, and made 5 Putts over 10 feet, and no 3-putts!"
"I never broke 80 before... but the Black Swan had me shoot a 74... in a Tournament!"
"I'm a 17 handicap, and I was low man in the Inter-Club matches... against single-digit handicaps!"
"I'm a 23 handicap, just shot 85 finishing with four straight one-putt pars!"
"I love this Putter!" (the universal comment)

Try one and see how your comments change. We welcome the feedback... before and after!

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