Golf News for Thursday, April 25, 2013 | Business

Bettinardi Golf partners with Darman Outdoor Sports in Canada

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada -- Darman Outdoor Sports is pleased to announce its agreement with Bettinardi Golf, Inc. to become its Exclusive Sales Agent in Canada.

Located in Tinley Park, IL, Bettinardi Golf crafts the finest golf products in the world for top professionals on the PGA Tour and for amateurs alike. Our engineering team has years of combined experience unmatched anywhere in the world of putter technology. Our dedicated group of designers, millers, and artisan craftsmen is what makes Bettinardi more than a premier putter maker, more than a desired brand dedicated to making our products in the United States. When a Bettinardi consumer stands over a putt, not only do they feel confident in the unmatched value of our work, but also experience perfection in the quality of a precision milled putter. Precision, Performance, Excellence. Bettinardi Golf

About Darman Outdoor Sports
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Darman Outdoor Sports represents some of the leading brands in the Sporting Goods Industry in Canada and the United States. Darman Outdoor Sports aims to be a true partner in the growth of the Brands it represents.

For more information visit or contact us at (204) 813-2409. Find us on twitter @DarmanOutdoors and on Facebook.

For more information on Bettinardi Golf go to or contact them at (708) 802-7400. Find them on Twitter @BettinardiGolf