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Texas' City of Amarillo golf course rebranded as "The Mustang"

The City of Amarillo golf course that opened 74 years ago in 1939 as Ross Rogers Golf Course and was later changed to the East Course in 1977 and then the Old Course in 2003 has been rebranded with a new name, The Mustang, and a new look.

The course was closed in 2011 and will reopen to the public on April 26, 2013. "Those players familiar with the old layout will be amazed with the experience, the new design, the new routing, the quality of the course and the fact its an absolutely brand new golf course," said Director of Golf Sherwin Cox. "I have given many tours of the new layout and everyone who sees it can't believe their eyes, it is such a dramatic improvement."

The City of Amarillo, Texas acquired the services of Colligan Golf Design in 2010 to breathe new life into the "Old Course" at Ross Rogers Golf Complex. John Colligan a Texas native and Trey Kemp who grew up in Amarillo proudly accepted the challenge. Colligan Golf Design has been responsible for recent work at Shady Oaks and River Crest in Fort Worth, Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, Stevens Park and Luna Vista in Dallas, Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club and many others across the country.

Ross Rogers Golf Complex has two golf courses, Wildhorse which was renovated in 2003 and the Mustang. The Mustang was originally comprised of nine holes that were built in 1939 and nine holes that were done in 1968. The course received a new irrigation system in 1977 and that was the last improvement to the course until the recent renovation.

The Mustang was designed to be a complement to the existing Wildhorse golf course being somewhat of a contrast. The design includes three double green complexes at holes 2 & 4, 12 & 17 and 13 & 16. It also includes wide-rolling user friendly fairways, tightly mowed green surrounds, collector greens, designed native areas for wildlife habitat and a look unique to the Amarillo golf scene.

One major improvement to the golf course was the rerouting. It was done for many reasons including better playability and strategy, but it was also rerouted in order to fix several major problems. First there were many long walks from greens to tees, for example from the 2nd green to 3rd tee was a 300 yard walk. There were also several safety issues to take care of. The most notable were the 4th hole that ran adjacent to a residential street, the 9th hole which doglegged around the parking lot and the safety of the 11th green from the 15th tee. The new routing offers a much safer course and allowed for the course length to go from 6,858 yards to 7, 227 yards.

According to Colligan, "The fairways and greens have been designed to be more user friendly with contours that collect shots as opposed to rejecting them. In addition, large, tightly mowed collection areas around the greens complexes have been incorporated to help the high handicap player while creating more of a challenge for the better player."

The course now has 40 acres of fairway compared to 29 acres on the old course. The wide fairways are an important factor in the playability of the course because of the windy conditions year round. There are also 20 new bunkers on the course for improved strategy and aesthetic appeal. Two small ponds were also removed from the course so the golfers now only have to carry the water one time on hole 12.

"Trey and I are very excited with the final product." said Colligan. "The Mustang is a very unique course for the panhandle of Texas, we have been able to create a course that is very playable for all levels of golfer and one that should be very successful for the City of Amarillo. We did not want to let the city down, the Mustang along with the other city courses are sure to put Amarillo on the map as a great golf city."

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