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Transition Golf Academy in Orlando, Florida improving capabilities

ORLANDO,Fla. -- Transition Golf Academy has quite a lot going on these days. With the purchase of some significant swing analysis equipment due to arrive in mid-May, TGA Co-Founders Dave Beshears and Matt Higginbotham are taking a trip up to Minneapolis on April 26th to visit the folks at the Titleist Performance Institute and begin their TPI certification. Todd Irving, the Director of Academy Operations for Transition Golf Academy believes this education is paramount to the success and credibility of the relatively new golf academy. Todd said, " Once we have all of the equipment here and Dave and Matt are back from the TPI cerification it's giong to be scary how precise and dialed in we will get our players."

Transition Golf Academy has developed and evolved a unique approach to the golf swing and golf instruction. Relying on solid fundamentals and emphasizing the impact zone, they have achieved a simple, consistent, and repeatable motion that is reliable on the golf course. Their techniques and theories coupled with their continued TPI education will no doubt translate into an increase in a player's distance, accuracy, and overall efficiency, allowing students to achieve their highest level of performance. Transition Golf Academy's unique philosophy of a 2:1 instructor to student ratio will give students a more personal coaching experience, one that more closely mimics a personal clinic rather than a traditional lesson. Transition Golf Academy is committed to yielding better results for golfers of all abilities and skill levels by utilizing visual feedback along with the latest technologies.

Transition Golf Academy

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