Golf News for Monday, April 22, 2013 | Products

Swinggait provides flexibility, structure to build natural swing

The Swinggait story began, as many do, with a true love of the game of golf. The creation was sparked when developer Ben Hagan was trying to figure out a way to spread that love to his three year-old son and wife. He started by putting a club in his son's hands so he could make contact every so often with the ball, but he had no form or direction. Ben tried to help by putting a club down on the ground and telling him to place his feet shoulder width apart and parallel to the club. But at the age of three his son had no idea what he was talking about and his wife didn't care about right or left as long as he was not telling her how do it.

Like any good parent and husband looking for an answer he went to the internet. After searching and searching for an alignment aid he found plenty of versions of putting a club on the ground. However, none of these solved the problem. He needed to create a non-verbal way to position them and maintaining their feet was the key. He wanted an aid that was adjustable and one that he could manipulate the size and shape. By doing this he found that he could also move the feet into positions for hitting a draw or a fade with a little adjustment to the swing plane. This became a training aid that could be used by any golfer, young or old, male or female, amateur or professional. We all know that no training aid can make you better unless you practice with it, but the Swinggait made practice with a three year-old and wife more productive and enjoyable.

All great golf swings start with a strong base and the Swinggait provides the flexibility and structure to build a natural swing and produce results. The Swinggait can be used by all members of the family as one size fits all. It's totally adjustable, can be used left or right-handed, provides no guess work for feet placement and has infinite adjustment for every shot. The Swinggait grows with the golfer, is lite and portable, features aluminum alley construction, and a Duraflex Swing Guide.

The Swinggait is a must for golfers at all levels of play from the beginner to the touring professional. It will keep your feet in proper placement and improve your swing and balance. It is currently available at pro-shops, green grass retailers, golf and gift catalogs, and makes the ideal tee prize or tournament favor.

For more information, contact: Swinggait. Email: 314-479-1434.