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Chris Baldwin: Cold weather state golfers appreciate the game much more than warm wimps

Driving past a golf course in Michigan on a 44-degree day, found the parking lot filled.

Hey, it was 44 and sunny.

That's the Michigan attitude toward golf. If it's not snowing, if you cannot get frostbite just by opening your mouth, it's a fine day to play.

Imagine how packed the courses are going to be in the Detroit area this week when temperatures are expected to be in the high 50s in something of a brief Indian Summer (when it's late November and it's near 60 in Detroit, that's near summer).

Golfers in true cold weather states treat this sort of thing as something of a holiday.

If you're a golfer in a cold-weather zone, chances are you're much more dedicated to the game than your blessed but wimpy warm weather counterparts.

Golfers in places like Michigan and Chicago make up excuses to play. It's only snowing horizontally! Golfers who actually live in meccas like Scottsdale and Orlando make up excuses not to play. Isn't that a cloud in the sky?

I'll never forget all the residents in Palm Springs who were shocked - absolutely shocked - that I played on an overcast, moderately windy 60 degree day. That qualified as beyond horrors to them.

Of course, there's no need to worry about the wimps. By the time January rolls around, all the golfers in Scottsdale and Las Vegas will be from places like Chicago and New York. And the locals will be whining about it as they pull on their "winter" sweaters.

For that 71 degree day.

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