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GustBuster Umbrellas wind tunnel-tested live on Fox News Channel

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -- GustBuster, the World's Smartest Umbrella, is ALWAYS relevant and ALWAYS newsworthy. GustBuster's unique wind-release technology and superior craftsmanship have been making headlines for years, and guess what...they've just done it again!

Fox News Channel correspondent Anna Kooiman visited the Farmingdale, NY offices of GustBuster Umbrellas on Monday April 8th to interview President, Steve Asman, LIVE and talk about GustBuster the only UN-Flippable, UN-Flappable and UN-Leakable umbrella in the World for their April Showers segment!

Kooiman asked Steve Asman about the revolutionary design behind what is the #1 Umbrella on the PGA Tour, GustBuster, and conducted her own 60 m.p.h. "wind tunnel test" LIVE on camera.

How is it that a product that has been around for over 10 years is featured again and again on shows like Fox & Friends, The CBS Early Show, The Weather Channel, CNN, and Good Morning America? It's because NO ONE has been able to make a better umbrella...that's why!

The Fox & Friends segment can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

GustBuster's patented wind-release vents and flow-through design can withstand winds of more than 55 M.P.H. making it the ultimate wind umbrella. It's the only UN-Flippable, UN-Flappable, UN-Leakable umbrella in the world. The joints and ferrule of the GustBuster are constructed of a combination of Ultra High-Density Poly-Carbonate, Carbonized Steel and Aluminum and won't break or turn inside-out. The GustBuster umbrella uses nylon that is a strong 190 thread per inch blend that won't tear, which is why it's backed by the manufacturer with a lifetime repair or replacement warranty. GustBuster has revolutionized the way we look at and design umbrellas. It's the World's Smartest Umbrella™ because of its superior technology.

For more information on GustBuster Umbrellas call (888) GUSTBUSTER or visit

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