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Portable Golf Solutions introduces Portable Country Club service

Our mission has always been to bring golf to the masses….off the more prestigious green grass venues! We have been described by a leading special event professional as providing a unique service set up for any event called a Portable Country Club!

Golf on the beach is our idea of how to effectively utilize our service. In this case a large company based in Wisconsin, was holding a 5 day Sales Event at the Marriott and was in need of an event to accompany a unique Dinner On The Beach At Sunset! Our 9-Hole Portable Country Club fit that need to a tee! Most wore no shoes to golf….bringing unwanted sand on our carpets…but what did we care….we were getting paid well to provide this service….and a few hours of cleaning up later would prove to be worth the sandy greens! The client was thrilled at the quality of our set up and the fun it created for their participants!

You can now book a Portable Country Club serrvice anywhere in the country! In addition to our PGS licensees located in Houston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta plus our Corporate HQ in Florida….we recently completed a deal to form a partnership with a logistics and transport company which will now allow us to book events anywhere! Our motto of: "Anywhere-Anytime-Anyone" looms larger than ever! In addition, we are currently in discussion with several areas to expand our Licensing to cities around the USA as part of our PGS Business Licensing model. We project to have over 25 PGS Licensees by 2016.

What makes us so special? We average $25-$75 per green fee at our puttiing events….$666.00 per hour in revenue...making our profit margins very nice! Without the maintenance of a golf course, a payroll of staff, or the overhead of buildings or an office…. our PGS business model is perfect for the small business entrepreneur looking for a well thought out system of combining golf with entertainment! The cost of a PGS License runs between $13,000-$35,000.00 -with no royalty payments as opposed to a Franchise and we guarantee with a litle bit of hard work you will pay your investment off in 1 YEAR! How would you like to work for 3 hours and pocket $2,000.00 + in Net Profit for one event! ! Needless to say we like our paychecks and we love our clients….now is your chance to own something worthwhile….a service that delivers fun and entertainment for corporate, charity, and retail clients!

Join us on the putting green….jump on our Licensing Program NOW and own an exciting PGS license in your area!

Portable Golf Solutions is a fantastic and dynamic 10 year old company driving business in Golf & Entertainment! We provide WOW-realistic golf solutions for any group! Our philosophy and motto go hand in hand with our business model success: "ANYWHERE-ANYTIME-ANYONE"! With over 600 events completed in our 1st 8 years, (includes our Tampa office and licensees in Houston, Atlanta, and LA), we have clearly established ourselves as the creative Golf Solutions company!

Bob Gaudreau-CEO

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