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We Are Golf returns to Capitol Hill for sixth annual National Golf Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- We Are Golf - a coalition of the game's leading associations and industry partners - will meet with members of Congress on National Golf Day, Tuesday, April 16, to share stories and new data about golf's diverse businesses, employees, tax revenue creation, tourism and charitable benefits, and environmental leadership.

Organizations participating include: Club Managers Association of America (CMAA), Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), PGA of America, PGA TOUR and World Golf Foundation. A list of representatives to attend:
• Pete Bevacqua, CEO, PGA of America
• Peter Broome, Chairman, United States Golf Manufacturers Council
• Rhett Evans, CEO, GCSAA
• Michael Hughes, CEO, NGCOA
• Steve Mona, CEO, World Golf Foundation
• Joe Ogilvie, current PGA TOUR player
• Jim Singerling, CEO, CMAA
• Leading golf course superintendents, small business owners, manufacturers, etc.

WE ARE GOLF will again bring a cast of story-tellers to Capitol Hill to discuss what golf has meant to them, and will share the latest statistics about golf's economic and charitable contributions from updated industry reports.

A day-long exhibit in the Rayburn Foyer will feature live lessons throughout the day for members of Congress and staff from Golf Channel's Michael Breed (Host of "The Golf Fix") and LPGA Professional Dana Rader; an aboutGolf simulator with a "Closest to the Pin" contest; state-of-the-art swing analysis from GolfTEC; Birdie Ball, the latest at-home training technology; a Republican vs. Democrat "Putting Challenge;" and a golf educational display.

New for 2013, WE ARE GOLF will present the first-ever "Lawmaker of the Year" award at 12 noon in the Rayburn Foyer to Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) and Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC).

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WE ARE GOLF was formed four years ago, in part because it had become clear the industry was misunderstood by too many elected officials. Longstanding perceptions of the game simply didn't square with the facts. By focusing on the nearly two million Americans whose livelihoods are tied to golf, WE ARE GOLF has leveled the playing field for the thousands of small businesses that make up the industry.

As a result, golf is no longer being excluded from important legislation. Members of Congress now better understand the myriad benefits the game brings to their communities.

The nearly two million U.S. jobs generated by the $69 billion golf industry, and its vast economic reach, are at the core of WE ARE GOLF'S message. Given the scope and pace of federal government activity and the impact on small businesses, the golf industry can play a vital role as policymakers continue efforts to boost employment and get the nation's economy back on track. Beyond better demonstrating golf's profound economic clout, WE ARE GOLF illustrates the industry's health and wellness benefits, its unparalleled charitable giving, and its environmental sustainability initiatives.

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To join the social conversation, visit and use #iamgolf to tweet why golf is more than a game to you.

Glenn Gray
Buffalo Communications