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Jim Hardy's "The Plane Truth for Golfers" now on DVD

HOUSTON, Texas -- Jim Hardy's international best-seller, "The Plane Truth for Golfers", one of the most popular golf instruction books of all time, has now been adapted to DVD. Just released,/ The Plane Truth for Golfers/ is a 4-volume, comprehensive video series that continues to unlock the code to the golf swing and instruction.

"The thrust of the book and DVD series are identical: There are two types of golf swings out there, One-Planed Swings and Two-Planed Swings, and until you figure out which one you employ, the reams of golf-instruction advice out there won't help you a bit," explains Hardy, one of America's most esteemed swing doctors. "We've all seen the contradictory swing information out there - on the practice tee, on TV, in magazines, in books. The Plane Truth decodes all this information. It shows you which swing you have, then helps you screen for only the information appropriate to you.

"We all learn in different ways: visually, verbally, kinesthetically," Hardy continued. "Thousands of folks learned from the print version of The Plane Truth. But a picture speaks a thousand words, especially when it comes to the golf swing. When golfers have the opportunity to/ watch/ other golfers demonstrate the principals, it's very impactful. And this DVD has impacted most everyone who's seen it."

"The Plane Truth for Golfers" DVD retails for $99.99 and is available for online purchase at

Hosted by Hardy's close friend and swing student, Peter Jacobsen,/ The Plane Truth for Golfers/ DVD walks viewers through the tenets of Hardy's swing-decoding system, with help from PGA Tour pros and longtime Hardy swing pupils Scott McCarron, Olin Browne and Tom Pernice.

On the first DVD in the series, Hardy breaks down the difference between the One-Plane and Two-Plane swings, then helps viewers find the one that's right for them.

On the second and third DVDs, Hardy & Co. walk viewers through all the fundamentals for the One-Plane and Two-Plane address, backswing, downswing, impact and follow through. A special bonus "Tips & Drills" DVD provides all the practice tools that viewers will need to groove their One-Plane or Two-Plane swing, automatically.

"That's another thing that sets the DVD series apart from the book," Hardy says. "There are far more drills on the DVD, and that's a big advantage. Drills are good - through them, golfers can concentrate on a single swing component that's giving them trouble, pull it out, work on it, then put it back in. Sorta like cleaning out an old carburetor. Plus the drills are fun - Peter, Olin, Scott and Tom are fun guys and they make the DVD fun to watch and the drills fun to do."

Hardy added that/ The Plane Truth/ DVD is a more fully realized treatment of the One-Plane and Two-Plane breakthrough, thanks to the feedback he has received following publication of "The Plane Truth for Golfers" in 2005 (McGraw-Hill). Hundreds of readers helped shape the newly released DVD series by writing Hardy directly or posting questions/comments on the forum at

"There are several examples where readers said I needed to expand on certain issues, so we've done that with the DVD. Readers of the book have proved an incredible resource, and we've already received enormous email feedback regarding/ The Plane Truth/ DVD. Some of this is mind-blowing. One email I got the other day said this fella was a 6-7 handicap, a pretty good player, and after watching the DVD he's down to a +1.2! Well, you take 7 or 8 shots off a 45 handicap, that's one thing; but 7 or 8 shots off a 6? That thrilled me."

Few in the golf industry can boast the breadth of experience and record of achievement in as many diverse fields as Jim Hardy. An All-American player at Oklahoma State University in 1966, he served as a club pro before earning his PGA Tour card in 1968; he would play full time on the Tour through 1974. Over the next four years he would teach the swing at both the Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine schools, then co-found, along with Shelby Futch, the John Jacobs Golf Schools and the Carol Mann Golf Schools; he served as director of both enterprises.

In 1979 Hardy established his own instructional programs in Palm Springs, California and Houston, Texas. Although he taught golfers of every skill level, he developed a strong clientele of professional golfers, top collegiate players and teachers. His past students include Paul Azinger, Frank Beard, Dave Stockton, Carol Mann, Donna Caponi, Hollis Stacy, Brad Faxon and Mark O'Meara. He currently teaches PGA Tour professionals Peter Jacobsen, Scott McCarron, Tom Pernice, Bob Tway, Olin Browne, Duffy Waldorf, Jay Delsing, Stan Utley, Graham Marsh and Don Pooley. Among the nationally recognized golf instructors who have studied under Hardy are Hank Haney, Mike and Sandy LaBauve, Jim Murphy, Laird Small, Martin Hall, Roger Gunn, Paul Gorman, Chris O'Connell, Krista Dunton, Marty Fleckman, Carol Mann and Rick Sellers.

In 1996 and 2004-06, Hardy was named to Golf Magazine's list of Top 100 teachers. In 2001, 2003 and 2005, he was ranked among the top 50 teachers by Golf Digest (he is currently #16). During the 1980s, Hardy formed a course construction management company that helped develop some of America's leading golf course communities and resorts. In the early 1990s, he and Peter Jacobsen formed Houston-based Jacobsen Hardy Golf Course Design, which remains one of the nation's most active course architecture firms.

All of this is brought to bear on/ The Plane Truth for Golfers/ DVD.
"I've had folks tell me that/ The Plane Truth for Golfers/ DVD is the best instructional series ever," Hardy says. "And I say thanks very much - but they say, 'No, you don't understand. This is the best instructional series on anything they've ever seen.' Turkey calling, flight training, you name it. I don't know about all that, but The Plane Truth DVD is one of the highest quality production DVDs that's ever been. I believe that with all my heart. You don't get any better than this."

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