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Team BioSteel's Hunter Mahan prepares for Masters Tournament

TORONTO -- BioSteel, a high performance sports nutritional company, announced that Team BioSteel's Hunter Mahan has earned an invitation to play at the upcoming 2013 Masters Tournament and he includes the BioSteel high performance sports drink in his preparation for Augusta.

"To become the Masters Champion takes dedication on multiple levels. It is the perfect balance of physicality, equipment, timing and more. Hunter has addressed each of these areas in his search for the green jacket including his nutrition. He has and will be seen drinking our BioSteel products, particularly the 'DrinkthePink' as the PGA Tour players and other athletes have affectionately coined it," stated BioSteel President John Celenza.

BioSteel's "Pink" drink uses a precise ratio of amino acids, electrolytes, organic minerals and B vitamins to fuel the body and fight exhaustion - helping golfers maintain energy and focus every time they play. This proprietary blend combines to produce the safest and healthiest sports supplement on the market.

"Hunter will drink our sports drink before and during every round at the Masters. It will help him maintain a constant level of energy as well as minimize both physical and mental fatigue. We as a company feel privileged that BioSteel will be used at the exclusive event and wish Hunter the very best in his pursuit of becoming the 2013 Masters Champion," added Celenza.

About BioSteel - #DrinkthePink
BioSteel has proven to help athletes in almost every sport category including; hockey, baseball, basketball, football and now golf. Their BioSteel Sports HPSD® proprietary formula is designed to promote recovery between periods of intense exercise, providing faster recovery between shifts, holes, or sets. It also reduces muscle damage and decrease muscle soreness as well as enhances energy while decreasing muscular and mental fatigue - without the use of harmful stimulants.

The BioSteel Sports Supplement was created by veteran and conditioning coach Matt Nichol. He has over twelve years of coaching with athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA, Tennis and Team Canada. While training NHL athletes, Nichol's wasn't satisfied with the supplements his athletes were consuming.

So he with a team of scientists together formulated the safe, high caliber, BioSteel supplement to maximize training and performance of professional and Olympic athletes. The quick absorbing formula combines five key amino-acids, electrolytes, and essential carbs to provide energy, recovery, and peak performance for all types of sports, exercise, and training.

About H2 GOLF:
To increase BioSteel's golf distribution, the company partnered with H2 Golf, a golf accessories corporation that distributes premium golf brands and accessories. In addition to representing BioSteel, H2 Golf Company represents several golf companies including: Croc's Golf, Champ Golf Spikes, Star Grips, Colantotte Trion:Z as well as their own products. H2 Golf Company has experienced tremendous growth within the last two years and has become a leading and predominate name in the golf accessories industry.

For more information on BioSteel, please visit the company website For news and updates, follow BioSteel on Twitter at @BioSteelSports #DrinkThePink and like them on Facebook at BioSteel Sports Supplements.

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