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JaMur Zoysia grass now in Barbados from Apes Hill Club Nursery

BARBADOS -- Bladerunner Farms, the world's largest privately owned zoysiagrass research and development facility, is proud to announce that Apes Hill Club Nursery, a licensed producer of JaMur Zoysia on the Caribbean Island of Barbados, now has this environmentally friendly turfgrass available for harvest.

The wholesale Apes Hill Club Nursery grows 15-acres of JaMur Zoysia for harvest as sod, along with some 50,000 plants, that are sold to commercial landscapers, land developers and homeowners on the island of Barbados. Ed Paskins, CGCS, is the golf course superintendent at the neighboring Apes Hill Club golf club and was instrumental in developing the Apes Hill Club Nursery.

Before planting the sod farm at Apes Hill Club Nursery, Paskins visited the Poteet, Texas, research facility of Bladerunner Farms to see JaMur Zoysiagrass in a real-world situation. That visit helped him decide to license JaMur Zoysia for use in Barbados.

"You need to know that you're getting quality and that the person is going to stand beside it. I think that because Bladerunner Farms is a family business and the owner, David Doguet, was willing to put his reputation on the line for the grass was extremely important," Paskins said.

"We're very happy to have our grass associated with such a quality property as Apes Hill Club, and to have Apes Hill Club Nursery as a licensed producer of JaMur Zoysia," said David Doguet, internationally recognized turfgrass breeder and founder of Bladerunner Farms.

"We did a few tests of other varieties and the color of the JaMur was superior to the others. The other grasses didn't withstand the growing conditions here on Barbados," Paskins said.

The weather in Barbados, which is either extremely dry or extremely wet, and can get to nearly 100-degrees in the summer, Paskins said, creates difficult growing conditions for most commercially available home lawn turfgrasses. The company tested several turf varieties before choosing JaMur as the right grass for the island.

Alric Clarke manages Apes Hill Club Nursery, which offers many services including landscape design and ongoing maintenance. Paskins said he consulted with Clarke on the use of JaMur Zoysia.

"Alric Clarke has a vast knowledge of plant selection for the climate and conditions here in Barbados. He was instrumental in developing the landscape requirements at Apes Hill Club," Paskins said.

"I wanted to put a grass on a home lawn that survives. We found the JaMur Zoysia to be pretty much indestructible," Paskins said.

Apes Hill Club Nursery sells JaMur Zoysia for use on home lawns within the community of Apes Hill Club, for use on roundabouts on roadways, and for lawns in various subdivisions around the island. Paskins said he's even using JaMur on the golf course at Apes Hill Club.

"We've gone through and replaced our bunker faces with the JaMur Zoysia turfgrass. It's incredible. It doesn't require so much water, or chemicals, or fertilizer. Our bunker faces were designed with severe slopes, some near 70%. The paspalum grass on the golf course could not handle those conditions but the zoysia is just thriving. No problems at all. We have 110 bunkers on the course and last year we transitioned 60 of them over to JaMur Zoysia," Paskins said.

Paskins said he's extremely satisfied with his choice to grow JaMur Zoysia on his sod farm at Apes Hill Club Nursery.

"I wanted to get it right. Being such a small market here in Barbados, the island is only 22 miles long and 12 miles wide in size, you've got 300,000 people, if you bring something into the marketplace and it isn't successful you can't recover from that. The only way marketing works here is by putting the lawn down and people saying "Wow!" I couldn't afford to make any mistakes. I needed to bring in a product that was going to work in this environment and I did," Paskins said.

About Apes Hill Club Nursery
Apes Hill Club Nursery is a sod farm and commercial nursery affiliated with Apes Hill Club on the island of Barbados and a licensed producer of JaMur Zoysiagrass. Contact or

About Bladerunner Farms
Bladerunner Farms is the world's largest privately held zoysiagrass and buffalograss research and development facility. Current releases include: Zeon Zoysia, L1F Zoysia, Lowrider Zoysia, Y2 Zoysia, JaMur Zoysia, Density Buffalograss and Eco Buffalograss. Bladerunner works in conjunction with the University of Georgia to conduct research. Grasses are licensed west of the Mississippi by Doguet Ventures, East of the Mississippi by The Turfgrass Group. Bladerunner Farms is headquartered in Poteet, Texas, just south of San Antonio.

About JaMur Zoysia
JaMur Zoysia is one the most drought tolerant zoysias on the market today and requires less water to produce a lush, dense turf. University research and NTEP (the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) testing proves JaMur's excellent ability to recover from traffic and wear. With its adaptability to full sun and moderate shade sites, JaMur is one of the most versatile turfgrass varieties available. JaMur Zoysia is a medium textured grass, similar in look to El Toro grass, but it's a lot easier to manage. JaMur needs less water and less fertilizer than other standard lawn grasses. Once established, this dense turf tends to choke out weeds. Its attractive blue-green color is the best choice for high visibility areas, and high traffic residential and commercial applications.

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